Unexpected Nudity

Sometimes the most enjoyable experiences, nude or clothed, are the ones we least expect. Last weekend I attended a "gathering" of people who share a common hobby. There were people present from all over the US, men & women, gay & straight, black & white. The gathering began at a hotel in upstate New York where we enjoyed a wine & cheese tasting. Many of us present had met before, but there were some first timers. When the wine tasting ended,about 20 of usleft the conference room and went upstairs to the Hospitality Suite, which was basically a hotel room with a hot tub for two. There was more food and drink flowing.
While talking with a couple I knew who also go to Gunnison Beach in NJ I happened to glance over and saw one of the male hosts taking off his clothes and getting in the hot tub. The woman turned to me and said she wanted to go in too. No sooner had she said it when a large African American man joined the host in the tub. Though it was only meant for two, the couple I spoke to began removing their clothes. Before long, as one person got out, another would go in. In short order most of us had enjoyed the comeraderie of being cramped in it naked.
I confess I have enjoyed nudity in public by itself, but I have also enjoyed it as a sexual tool. This wasn't sexual at all. It was merely a group of people who were sharing a bonding experience and enjoyed each other's company. As you all know the most amazing conversations can happen when you're nude. Since you're baring everything there's no point in being dishonest or defensive. Though there were many other events that weekend none came close to the enjoyment I had squeezed into that hot tub enjoying a martini. Relationships were formed that even if i never saw the people again, we shared something special.

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