Another naked trip

Spent last Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the sailboat again. Very mild weather and astonshingly few other boaters. Did have a few airboats zoom by a little closely. Just placed my book between their line of sight and my genitals and kept reading. They could see I was naked, but couldn't claim I had flashed them or anything. Didn't see the same boat approach closely twice.

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RE:Another naked trip

I had a similar situation happen when in the Philippines, I was sunbathing on a cabana that was in the ocean, I walked out to where the cabana was and proceeded to strip down so I could get some sun, I was starting to put sun screen on and then these Korean girls on there peddle boats came up and wanted to talk, I asked if any spoke English and some did I wanted someone to spray sunscreen on my back, one said yes and she tied up her boat and her and her friend came on board and sprayed my back and my front, some of the other friends were taking pics of the activities!!! I have to say I never thought that this would happen there but I had a great time and made some good friends and am still in contact with and this was 10 years ago!!

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