Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

Given that 'The site was created as a way to tap into a younger generation and attract a whole new generation to nudism.'

What can we practically do to ensure this happens & help nudism avoid becoming extinct?

As a catalyst for discussion - I've seen younger nudists get criticised in the chat room for many reasons and have been told by some that the way they are treated doesn't encourage them to stay. As people who want understanding & tolerance for our naked living - we seem to be failing to be tolerant & understanding of others.

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RE:Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

Thanks for a reply! It's even more interesting to me that the reply comes from a younger person and that the post isn't getting much attention from the older generation yet.

In response to your post - have you tried your local version of ? They may have some events arranged that will feel 'safer' for your friends etc to attend - all the best,

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RE:Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

I find very few young nudists on here and the ones I have added as friends don't seem to care to talk or they just haven't logged on in forever likely because they've felt unwelcomed or they got tired of creepers messaging them. I personally am not active here a lot and the reasons I listed are primarily why.

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RE:Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

you right there @nakednaturalist. On top I dont see that the younger generation does less nudism. I can only talk for my immediate surrounding and I do see more younger nudist being active in going to naked spas (mandatory here) and beaches. Slowly bust constantly.

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RE:Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

There has to be something interesting or enjoyable about a topic or practice in order for interest and participation to rise. At least some perceived benefit. But it usually takes knowledge about something to find what's interesting. There are many things I could list from my experience, some of them get boring as I gain more knowledge and skill with them. Other things tend to increase in interest as I learn more. In the mechanical realm, the more I learn about cars the less I like them. They are just necessary burdens at this point. But the more I learn about metallurgy, foundry and machining, and creating original machines from scratch, the more interesting it gets. The more I learned about horses and training them, the more interesting and enjoyable it got. The more I run my sawmill the more uninteresting and boring it got. Gardening/Agriculture is wide open to innovation and experimentation, especially fertility, with massive potential for results in several ways. That's extremely interesting. But if someone knows nothing about it, there will be no interest. Something has to trigger the interest for a person to start learning, and the more they learn the more opens up. Naturism is one of those things with wonderful potential benefits which can be a beneficial add on to a lot of other activities. Especially things like swimming, gardening, nature hiking, etc. Adding a bit of enjoyment, comfort, and mental freedom from things that wear us down, like body acceptance issues, porn addictions, fright of being seen, (that was my problem, it's really nice to be getting over it) Tying nudism to gardening and hiking is my favorite. Just nudism itself, after getting used to it, becomes ordinary life, no big deal, nut much new to talk about after awhile. Connect it with gardening and hiking and there's something better. But it takes some time and interest and study to find what's interesting and get rewards from it, in good feelings, in better health. I just learned a new point that relates to health diet and nudism. Chlorophyll when eaten raw, and then circulating in the bloodstream, will continue to develop disease fighting antioxidants as it interacts with the light passing through our skin. There we go. Diet/nude living/health, tied together.

Young people are typically very ignorant of many things, and so there's no interest in those things. Something has to come up to trigger interest. If they were wise they'd go hunting for knowledge, learn everything possible about everything around them. They'd ask advice and seek counsel with older generations to learn what they have learned. Not just isolate themselves to their own age crowd to go round and round on worthless nonsense talk. And yah, I've listened in on some teenage discussions. usually nothing worth hearing. I'd like to draw them out of their ignorance, let them see what advanced knowledge there is and the joy of learning. Knowledge of naturism increases enjoyment of many other things, Knowledge of advanced agriculture fertility management can go further than anyone dreams. Grow yer own food, eat it fresh from the plant, so flavorful it makes for an exciting experience. do it all nude. That's real pleasure and combining things for super healthy results. Wonderful results can be gained there if we (young or old) would just hunt for the knowledge available. But interest doesn't come until knowledge comes. But it takes at least some interest to take the time and effort to gain the knowledge.

So how to catch young people's interest? I don't know. I had a mother who was constantly researching and learning new things. the trend kind of passed down, nudism is one of those things that caught my attention and I researched for myself. All I know is to demonstrate in some way that's visible. Do something that will send the message "there's something here of interest, take a closer look" I'm not sure nude demonstrations in public will do that. I know how to make nutrient dense agriculture catch attention, just grow something really high brix and hand out samples. And I could also advertise it longer term by eating it myself and demonstrating the results. And then nudism can tie in as a more minor part of the picture, since sunshine to the body is part of the plan of gaining health and physical endurance capacity. That's the only viable advertising point I can work on.

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