Hello Newbie here

Hello from cold New Jersey/ I'm new to this lifestyle like to find others in my area who enjoy being nude.
I've sleep nude for year and loved it when I'm home alone I move around naked in the house. But anytime late at night
in the summer i would swim and listen to music naked in the back yard. Never had anyone complain they seen me or heard
anything. I will be going to Gunnison Beach Jersey's only nude beach.Love all the comments on how everyone is walking around
playing volleyball. The only thing was almost everyone talked about the long walk to the beach. Well OK you have to walk well if
that's all it's going to take for me to get to where I need to be to take off my clothes so be it. I;ve been wanting to go but never
could find anyone to go with me they're all like No Way. But I found one person to go with me. I've known her since for 30 years.
I just said one day Hey here's an idea i've been dying to try. Would you go to a nude beach with me. So I waited for Hell's No lol
Little to my open mouth What did she just say. She said yeah sounds like fun when can we go. I said well not today it 32 degress
outside. But in the spring we can. So I'm hoping she still up for it in the spring. Anyone tell me when they open Gunnion up.
Meaning what month do they open the beaches . Please share with me a story the first time you asked someone to go with you.
I'm here so share away.

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RE:Hello Newbie here

Im in the same boat. Good looking disabled guy here interested in going to a nude beach but prefer a female companion...

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RE:Hello Newbie here

"Meaning what month do they open the beaches "

IIRC, they are always open.
On nice winter days you'll find folks sunning and walking the beach nude.
They've even had nude polar bare swims in Jan on Gunnison. Not me tho. No way.

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