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I went from refusing to take photos of myself all the way to posting nude photos of myself on this website. For the longest time, I hated looking at myself. I would refuse photos because I didn't want to see what I looked like in them. Even...

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by Clothesoff38 
Hi All

Hey folks, just saying hi. New to the site but not nudism, love feeling the sun on my body. Looking to connect with likeminded people. :)

Remove pictures put up without consent

Hello all, Ive joined here as Im facing a difficult issue-my GF had previously had nude photos taken by a photographer under contract which were to remain private, she received word today from a stranger on social media that people were talking...

Hello naked brothers and sisters

Even though I've been a nudist for 20 years, I only recently discovered this site, which makes me feel like a bit of a novice. I would love to meet new friends and exchange naturist experiences. I spend my holidays mainly in Valalta, but I also...

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hi there

i am new to this site i enjoy living the nude way, when the weather is nice i am without my clothes in the sun. i would love to hear from other people man / woman couple i would love to share some pics. I live in Holland

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Is there any reason why completely normal, fully clothed photos are deleted? Every one I post, except for one of just my boots, has been deleted. If boots are OK, why not jeans and shirt on me OK? I followed a suggestion and remained on the page...

Hey guys

Hey guys Im new here, I live in Houston, Tx Im open to everything. Hows it going on here?

I'm not a newbie but have returned after...

Hello! I have been a member for about 9 years and recently returned, I live in Canton, Ohio and would like to meet other nudist in the area.

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Hi, young nudist here!

Hi, I'm 20 years old and moving to New Hampshire this fall. I'm totally new to this lifestyle, since I've been living with my parents and unable to be anywhere nude outside my room, but soon I'll be out on my own. I've been a...

Hello everybody

James here from Iowa. New to the naturist idea, hoping to break out of my shell and go to a naturist resort/campground this summer. Any advice would be nice on what to expect would be great!

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