Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

New to the Freedom of Nudists

Hey all Im Patrick Looking to make great connections and learn more about nudists. Single male and open minded. Please reach out if you want to be friends and connect!

Newbie Nudie

Hi all! Im new, both to TN and to nudism. Im really only ever nude at home or when alone, so I guess Im still a closet nudie. I havent told my fianc because Im sure he will not be into the nudist lifestyle/activities. Looking to connect with other...

New Mature Guy

Im currently an at home nudist. Would like to meet other nudists in the Akron, Ohio area to break the ice to social nudity. Thank you

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New to the site.

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am from Western NY. Relatively new to the lifestyle and looking to experience it more often. Growing up I often imagined what it would be like to be naked with other people. From dreaming about...

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by Wnynude38 
The Most Popluar Nudist Question

Hello fellow Nudists, I think the most popular question I've gotten since joining this website is How long have you been a nudist or How did you get into Nudism. Officially I would say I became a Nudist about two years ago. I marked a mile stone...

Nude life

Hey everyone Ive been wanting to become a nudist for a long time now I finally am I havent worn clothes in about a week lol and feel so free any tips for a newbie like myself is appreciated thanks

Hello other nude people

I have been an at-home nudist for several years and try to be nude pretty much any time I can. However first time meeting and chatting with other nude guys and girls. I am in the UK's stoke and Midlands area and hoping to meet other like-minded...

Nudism in Kenya

Hey guys I'm new here, It's great to being introduced in a forum where I can interact with fellow nudists from around the world. I've been a nudist for a while now but only indoors, I can't practice it outdoors here because of the...

Anais here

Hello everyone I am new here to nudist passion my name is Anais I live in Quebec Canadaand am 68 years old,I am just a home nudist been out ones in a resprt that was an all male the family one allowed no single males,I just wanted to say hi and hope...

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Large meet up at Cedar Trails NEXT SUMMER

Hello, Who would like to meet up as a group at Cedar Trails next summer and have a fun time? Message me if interested!!!

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