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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Hello all

Hi, Im a norwegian guy 32, Kinda new here. Looking for likeminded people. Im a active nudist, as in i go to beaches when possible, or local indoor arrangement (Pool/sauna for nudists) Any europeans around? And also perhaps some women want to get to...

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New Here

G'day everyone, I name is Chris have been on this site for a couple of days now getting the feel of the site... I am 41yo, single father and have been a home nudist for roughly 20 - 25 years either sleeping nude to stripping off once i get home...

Hi all

Great to find this site with so many people who are comfortable in their own skin. Im just on the start of my journey and Im sure many questions will find their own answers over time. One question though Im keen to figure out quickly is how do you...

New to Trunudists features

Hi, I see mention of friend request. Is there a special menu item or page you use to submit a friend request or do I just post the question?

Am I a true naturist if I shave down below?

Hey everyone, Am I going against the concept of naturism if I shave down below?

New to scene and site

New to this whole thing. Keen to get certified but concerned about privacy and work. Do certificate pic need to be full frontal? Any recommendations for chat or online groups? Thanks.

newbie nudist from jakarta indonesia

hey my name is juni from jakarta indonesia i am newbie in nudist and my country not allowed nudist on the the public like beach even though we have many beautiful beach here any member or community around jakarta?? thanks

New Member Pictures

Hi, I recently joined the site and added two pictures yesterday of my chest. Logged on today to find them disappeared. Does this mean they broke some rules? I am completely new to all this..

Hello all - New to Site

Hello everyone, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm James and I live in Cairns, Australia. Would love to meet anyone from the area. I enjoy being naked whenever I can - at home, on the beach, in the forest. I enjoy staying fit and...

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New nudist looking for friends

Hey everyone, I'm new to the nudist/naturist (not sure the difference) lifestyle and thought using this social media platform would be a good start in communicating with like minded people. I also have no experience with public nudity, which is...