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New nudist from Philadelphia

I am Anna . I currently reside in Philadelphia. The experience of nudism is not great, compared to the watchmen of the site. I always liked to walk naked around the house and in nature. I think I was destined to become a nudist!

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by Joker38 
newbie alert!

hey ! so not really new to naturism and nudism, been doing this mostly abroad for last 2-3 years in beached, theremes and saunas. planning my next trips to a textile free winter spot in EU (any thoughts?) happy to talk and meet new out going open...

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Hi everyone!

Hi, I just to say Hi by the new kid on the block!!

Newby Nudist here

Hello, I just wanted to say hello. I'm new to the hobby and started exploring it this summer. Loving it so far and I would like to chat and talk to like minded people. Also really sad now, that it has become winter. It's much harder to be...

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New to this

Hi to everyone. Myself and wife are kind of new to being nudist. We have actually only ever gone nude whilst on holiday but we found that we love it. As we are in the UK we don't get a great deal of warm weather so we tend to have to wait until...

Introduce myself

Hi everyone I hope your all doin good, just thought I'd introduce myself, done a few nudism things in the past but really lookin forward to exploring more, hopefully there are nudism adventures ahead.

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Just joined

And wanted to say howdy to y'all. Thinking..oh great, yet another message board to check in the morning while drinking my coffee. Either I need to get up earlier, or strt going in late. Peace

Family relationship and nudism

Hi I'm Robbie. I only got into nudism few month ago, and I live alone but I have a really tight knit relationship with my family. How I do I explain to them that I feel free in my own skin and I'd like to go to events nude and meet and talk...

Raised nudist

Im a raised nudist but new to this site love to meet new nudist to explore more on nudism together if you are interested in talking to me text me on googlechat..

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