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How to deal with a pesky erection

I have been to nude events in the past and I have always had the same concern every time. What happens if I get a hard on. I know it's completely normal to happen when dealing with anxiety of being nude and also seeing others who are naked. What...

naked at home

I like to be naked at home all the time but we have big windows and I hate that the curtains have to be closed so people can't see in does anyone else have this problem?

New to Nudism- BC, Canada

Hey, Im a noobie nudie and was wondering how to become more comfortable with putting my body on display. I'm not a fit or gorgeous hunk so body issues do follow me around. My skin will also probably blind most (pure white under my clothes). I...

New here, so i can't upload profile pic?

Having trouble trying to upload profile pic

Women's thoughts/preferences on men...

Hi! I'm new here & fairly new to nudism. This is my very first post onTN, so please be kind & welcoming as I'm still apprehensive about asking questions but I want & need to learn more about this new lifestyle. I'm sure this topic has...

New here, so i can't upload profile pic?

Having trouble trying to upload profile pic

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Blacks beach

We are going to visit blacks beach this summer and would like to know if anyone in the San Diego area would like to join us couples only, Message me

What makes one a nudist?

I have seen information about nudism and naturism online and in books about getting into nudism, and all lead to being bare in a social setting as the final step. Are you not a nudist if you prefer to be nude only in your room or home? Suppose you...

Nude in Muskoka

Hi there, newbie here. I am wondering if there is a safe place to go and catch some sun and swim up or near the Muskoka area? I hate having to go to Toronto and Hanlon's Point. Thanks!

What do the user codes mean?

I see that users are coded with the labels "Textile," "Barefoot," "Topless," and so on. What do they mean? Are they assigned according to the number of visits, or the number of posts? There doesn't seem to be any...