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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

What is a trouble to see each other?

We are nudists. We are nude. When we get together, we see each other.Someone sometimes says "It is not about seeing people nude, it is about nude life". OK. Understood.But then someone says: "You can look, but you cannot stare"....

Hi from Norway!

Hi! I'm new here, but have been a nudist for serveral years. Any others from Norway?

Nudism vs. Exhibitionism

Hello all, I'm new but saw where someone was politely reprimanded for posting something the respondent termed was "exhibitionist". In my opinion, there is at least some exhibitionist tendencies in being nude in all circumstances. Even...

New Nudist in San Antonio, Texas

Hello everyone. I recently developed the resolve to become a full-time nudist. Of course, this doesn't mean I walking around the city naked even though i would love to do so, but other then when I am at work I'm naked and I love it and so...

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Hi From Nebraska US

Hi, I'm a 34 year old gay male who is a home nudist.

Noob in Virginia

Greetings all! I started this as a reply to another post. I didn't want to hijack the thread so I'm posting here instead. This is my first post here, I'm in Virginia, about an hour from Whitetail Resort. I went to an open house there, but...

New nudist in Atlanta

I'm a college student in Atlanta and recently started practicing nudism in my room. I'm looking to take the plunge into the nudist community and social nudism (though the second part is harder for me since I don't have a car). Hoping to...

Fair-weather, part time nudist

My home is built on more than a 2-1/2 acre wooded parcel, with plenty of seclusion from any neighbors. Its only too bad that here in Western Washington state, the warm weather season is only about 3 to 4 months long.I love shedding my clothes and...

Brand new to nudism

Hi all. Just signed after coming home from holiday where my wife and I went to our first nudist friendly beach. It was quite an amazing experience....pretty strange and awkward at first but felt quite comfortable after a while. Only problem was it...

Newbie nudist from Eastern Ontario

Hey everyone, Just wanted to say hi. I have been a home nudist since I was around 7 and 46 years later still enjoying being nude. I would love to meet people in my area. I look forward to meeting you all. S

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