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New to Nudism

----- ENGLISH ----- Hi everybody, I'm an Italian man. I practice nudism for two/three years, so I'm new to this world and I'd like to meet nudists or naturists, in order to exchange experiences and opinions about this new practice I like...

Hi I'm Abe I'm new here

Love being naked especially when it's getting warmer. I'm very friendly to everyone so feel free to talk. FYI straight and in a relationship.

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New to Nudism

Hey, Im new to nudism and Ive recently come across this site. As a newcomer I would like some advice on the following: What sorts of pics do I upload? Are the pics Ive already uploaded any good? How do I overcome shyness? Please PM me thanks!

New nudist

Hi guys, I'm an at-home nudist who has just built up the courage to show my body in public. Looking forward to experimenting with public nudity once things calm down, but in the meantime hoping to chat with some like-minded people on here.

How do I add more pics?

Hi I joined about a month ago but didnt do much other than join. Ive now updated my profile but I cant work out how to add more pictures? Do you have to be a paid member to be able to add more than one picture? Thank you for any help. And feel free...


im new here also looks like theres lotsa people that are really friendly to us newbies

My intro

My name is Nathan. I go by MagicNateW on this site. I'm new to nudism and quickly finding myself happy to be participating. There's a calm about me like this. Plus the openness is very refreshing. I look forward to getting to know more and...

Hi everyone

We are new to nudism, Have never done it publicly. Exploring nudism. Joined AARN and we are going to Abbott's Glen, VT in late June. Any tips, advice, caveats are welcomed. Hope everyone is safe out there.

Greetings from the OC

It occurred to me that when I joined this site initially, I never did an official introduction. So, I guess this is the best place to do it? Lets do it anyway! I wouldn't say the whole "nudist" thing is a new concept for me, it's...