Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Newbie in Herts

Hi everyone, I love being naked at home - just the freedom of no clothes is a lovely feeling. Just a pain when someone knocks at the door and I have to suddenly grab a towel etc. I'm now looking to take that next step of being naked around other...

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by Herts1968 
Newbie from North east England

Hi, pretty new to this. First public experience was in gran canaria Feb 2017 and caught the bug. Been nude at home a lot. Want to meet new male nude mates and gain some more experiences. If there is any WhatsApp, snapchat or kik groups let me know...

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Gran canaria

Just booked Gran canaria with my husband and a group of friends 8 of us in total we will be going to the beach a couple of days but I hope to be there every day going first week of may anyone else going to be there around that time?

Clothed me naked you?

Anyone fancy a meet up where by I am naked and you remain fully clothed? Bit of an odd request I guess but just something I fancy trying. I'm in the South-West of the UK and can travel.

New upcoming young Nudist from Idaho

Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I go by Jake, and I'm relatively new to practicing the Nudist lifestyle and philosophy. I've studied and mulled it over for years, and I have been quietly following the LDS Skinny Dippers...

New Hampshire newbie nudist

Hello My name is Shawn I am 30 years old from New Hampshire and I have been a nudist for about 5 months I would always find a time to run or sit around bare or play video games nude, I am interested in becoming friends with other nudists around my...

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New to Site/Nudism

Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and probably being a nudist compared to some of you. From Ontario, Canada, looking for other nudist buds around my age. Being in Canada don't really get to be nude all year round outside. Most just do it in...

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Summer Holidays 2018

As you can tell by our name we are (still) kind of newbies. We are looking to book our summer holiday. We have had some great suggestions from friends on here, but we thought we'd throw it open to all you lovely people, to see if you had any...

new member signing in

Hi allafter being a member for 3 weeks I thought it was high time i said hello properly.New (about 1-2 year) to the lifestyle and hoping to make new friends, network and meet some like minded people for socialising, beach visits etc. Predominantly...

Want to be nudist but not sure about partner

Hi all, I want to be a nudist but I don't think my boyfriend would be one. Does anyone have any experience with how to approach it with a partner? The only experience of nudism I have is being in a gay sauna. Yeah, I know it's not the same...

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