Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

thoughts on nudism and the act of...

Hi all,I have been a home nudist for most of my adult life, venturing out to nude beaches or clothing optional hot springs on occasion, but never fully embracing the nudist/naturist lifestyle. I don't know that I ever will, fully, and that's...

Newbie going to Bali

Going from a home nudie to a proper Nudie resort on September 2nd. Have hedged my bets and booked 3 nights in a villa at Bali Au Natural, and 3 nights in a private pool villa in Canggu. It'll be my first time at a resort, so was just wondering if...

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Erection at the nude beach

Every time my girlfriend and I go to the nude beach I cant help but get an erection! I always get funny looks from the girls are the beach but guys dont seem to mind! Is something that I should be covering up? My girlfriend thinks its funny! But for...

Hello Everyone

Hi All ,My Name is Vaishali. I m from Bangalore. I m not exactly naturalist but i like being nude at home and i don like public display of nudity. I enjoy nude cooking . I Like to be friends with ppl who share similar thoughts on being naturalist.....

Nudist gatherings near Virginia Beach

Hello. Im new here and new to the lifestyle. I was wondering if there might be any nudist gatherings going on tonight. I want to meet people and get a feel of being naked around others

Introducing your partner to Nudism

Hi there I am hoping some one can offer me some advice. I have been dating this girl online for a while now and she knows all about my Nudism and seems comfortable with it. The problem is she is very shy about it as she is from a simple background...

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Nude time

I joined about two weeks ago. Ive been a closet nudist my whole life. I find that the more nude time I make the more nude time I need. Like potato chips I guess. My daughter and granddaughter moved in an its becoming more of a problem trying to fine...

Anyone from/near west Tennessee?

Hi all, I just joined a few days ago with the intention of getting in touch with any naturists in my area. I've always been interested in nudism and naturism, but I've never been brave enough to come out to anyone about it. Ever since I was...

Levy county area in Florida.

Hi everyone we are new to the site ; We living in the Levy county area in the state of Florida we like to meet some couple between the age 40 to 70 the area to establish. J/A

New Couple

Hi a new couple looking to try our first nudist resort or beach this year. We don't know how to find any near us or somewhat near us so if anyone has ideas on how to find one please let us know Thanks

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