New Australian Nudist

Hi everyone, figured Id do a bit of an introduction,

Im a 22 year old male from Australia, I've recently discovered nudism and as such have heaps and heaps of questions about the topic and exploration of it. I'd love to know if there are any other aussies on here, or if there arent many (as ive noticed this seems very US/Euro centric) if there are any other sites that better cater towards an aussie demographic.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone,
Cheers, James

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RE:New Australian Nudist

Hi Mate,

I am Melbourne based. Always keen to catch up with ppl...
Where are you based? There are some groups that meet up although I have never been. Keen to though...


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RE:New Australian Nudist

Hi James, I'm from sydney, few aussies here and also a couple of fb groups- feel free to get in touch if you want more info

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RE:New Australian Nudist

If you are a genuine nudist/naturist then perhaps check out the Australian Naturist Federation, (ANF).

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