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been a home nudist for many years . and i'm looking for ppl in nebraska that are nudist/naturist anybody here from nebraska

New to the group

Hi everyone,I just joined the site. I'm looking forward to seeing what's out here.I'm fairly new to the nudist scene. My partner got me into it last year. We've been to 3 clothing optional events and after some initial hesitation I...

newbie in sydney

get in touch, Please let us know.

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New nudist @ Collierville

Hi All, Just dropped into Collierville, And will be here for over a Month. Would be great to know any nudists, if nearby just to know am not alone here and surrounded by many nudists buddies here. If you do stay close-by, please do let me know so we...

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New to site, seasoned nudist

Hello to all looking to meet new people who enjoy being nude not just go nude at home. I am more a social nudist than a closet home nudist. Hoping to get to know others here who are the same as I am. I try not to judge others when it comes to nudism...

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New nudist

I am new to nudism and looking to meet new male nudist friends.

Breaking the mental stigma...

Hello fellow nudists, Our son is 10 months now and we were having a discussion about nudity. It came up when my wife was giving my son a bath and she put on a bathing suit to do it. I told her that she shouldn't do that because he is too young to...

Nudist concerns

I am worried about being naked in front of other people. I know they say knowone will care but I have body image issues. I am a Harry guy and I feel like people will judge me for that.

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a...

-1. Why are you a naturist/nudist?2. What's so great about walking around naked?3. When you're surrounded by other naked people, don't you ever just want to look away? Like with elderly people, for example?4. How should I prepare mentally...

Texan Newbie

Nice to meet 'yall. I am a gay guy who lives in Texas Dallas. I accidentally found out this website. That makes me feel like going back to those years when I started to find out I am a gay. So I am still exploring what I am. Something about...

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