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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Media pending approval

What does it mean when media (uploaded pictures) says it's pending approval? Will it be approved automatically when my certification is approved or are those unrelated? I submitted my certification yesterday, so I assume it should be approved...

New nude couple

Hi, just to introduce ourselves as a couple new to naturism - feel free to add us as friends. Were looking to further indulge ourselves in the naked world , so just signed up here and finding our way around the site

Single Men

Is it just me or is every other single man is facing the same issue. I cannot make any friends on here because Im a single man. Most couples/ women have no single men mentioned on their profiles. Guys think youre gay. Lol Im as it is scared and...

Friend Request ?

Sorry for this, was not sure where i can post this question, but how do i Request Friendship from other Members, because there is a member in this forum who lives in the same place that i am visiting for holiday early next year and i like to ask them...

Any one from Columbia, SC

Hi, I am looking for local nudists, and who travel to South Carolina, USA. My KIK - windycity469 or E-mail -

Newbie in Colorado

Hello! I am a newbie nudist in Colorado and I would love to get to know you lovely people so I can get into the lifestyle more. Feel free to message me I'd love to talk!

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New to nudism Chicago Burbs

Hi there, as the title says I'm another newbie. I like going nude around the house and am looking to break out into the great outdoors. I am looking for a place that a shy single guy can break out and do what he's been debating doing for...

76 years old and new to public nudism

I am male 76 years and trying to overcome my inhibitions and go public......However I am single and single men do no seem to be welcomed in the naturism world.....I tried to join a club in Nottingham only to be told that that they do not accept...

Latest PostTry a nude beach.
by Noelmcg 
Nudism vs. Exhibitionism

Hello all, I'm new but saw where someone was politely reprimanded for posting something the respondent termed was "exhibitionist". In my opinion, there is at least some exhibitionist tendencies in being nude in all circumstances. Even...

Latest PostThanks Andy
by Mcdcvs 
Hi there

Hi there *wave* New to the site, but been what I would call a nudist 'light' for a while. I pose for art classes, enjoy nude yoga and go to the London naked swim. Currently looking for a new flat to move in to, if anyone is looking for a flat...

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