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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

New to this. Central Texas

Hey all!! I am new to all of this. I do enjoy being nude. I am a home nudist right now. However, I would like to meet others in my area. I am very interested in social stuff with other nudist. I am non judgmental and want to do this. But nervous at...

How do you get into naturism?

How do you inspire? build confidence, if you are a family how you all come to agreement to start the naturism. how do you feel now the freedom?

Looking to make nude friends

Looking to make naturist friends who are down to show me to great spots and beaches so I can truly experience it all, I've never been to a club or beach and I'm hoping to change that. Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi! My nude photos and videos here

Hi! My nude photos and videos here:

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Naturism in Thailand and South East Asia

Hi everybody, Later this year, my wife and I are heading to a naturist resort in Thailand for our first time, ever! It's a little daunting, I must be honest, but my wife is very keen as she genuinely enjoys being naked as often as possible...

Is it wrong to wear shorts commando to work?

I would go nude if I could but.... Any thoughts about going commando to work will anyone be offended? The material is very thin but length is adequate.

Single Men

Is it just me or is every other single man is facing the same issue. I cannot make any friends on here because Im a single man. Most couples/ women have no single men mentioned on their profiles. Guys think youre gay. Lol Im as it is scared and...

Couple in our 30s looking for real friends

Hey everybody,we are Chris and Rita, looking for real people who want to connect with other people who are new to nudism. Really looking for females or couples not far from our age who want to really get to know someone through messaging, text,...

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Edinburgh Newbie

Afternoon. Just joined today. Would like to get to know some local people so we can hang out, pun not intended but fitting lol. Live in loanhead. 38 and can appreciate a good chat. Introduce yourselves:)