Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have


Hi, my name is Jennifer, 23 yrs old from Belgium, now residing in a clinic in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I'm not really a nudist, but I do have unexplained urges wanting to be nude all the time. I absolutely hate clothes and being dressed feels...

Some are very touchy here.

Very difficult to not offend some folks here, even when you give them what you thought was a compliment or ask an innocent question. I will try and be more careful as I not yet tried to offend anyone on purpose. However not saying I won't ever...

Answering the door naked

I am naked at home most of the day. Whenever the door bell goes I quickly grab a towel and pretend that I was just about to have a shower. I would love to open the door naked but is it illegal / morally wrong as I wouldn't want to offend the...

Definite Newbie

Just started exploring the nudist lifestyle. I'm looking for others close by to chat and explore. Where can I find new friends?

Newbies in public

Hi all, We will be entering our 4th month of our new life in the coming weeks. And to celebrate we have booked ourselves into a naturist spa for a long weekend. It'll be the first time we have both been nude in public in the UK. We're both a...

New in New Jersey

Hi, I have recently got into the nudist lifestyle and am really enjoying it, I am hoping to make friends who share this interest. I am married and have a daughter but they have no interest in nudism , I'm hoping to maybe go to a beach this summer...

Nudist in NC

Hey, I'm a 21 year old nudist in Raleigh, NC. I'm pretty new so I'd love to meet friends, and if anyone in the triangle knows of anything to do naked, please let me know :)

salam kenal

adakah nudist dari indonesia? kalau ada boleh lah bergabung terima kasih


Question? Is there any way to shuffle the pics so to speak on your media / feed? The oldest ones get all the traffic and new ones arent available to free members I guess? Tried resorting them to put the newest 1st but I think that only applies to our...

What to do when your neigbhor finds out that...

Hi everyone, we are newbies and so happy we found this wonderful site. We don't have any nude friends yet, but we hope to meet some new friends soon. Hubby and I were having a cocktail last night in our screen patio. Last night our next door...

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