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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

When is a newbie not a newbie??

I was asked this question over the weekend. A question that got us both thinking. - What is a newbie? So we googled it (other search engines are available!) and this is what we found - a newbie is an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity.....

Another newbie

I've always enjoyed being naked in my own home, but have yet to try it in a social setting. I'm hoping that will change once summer rolls around.

Hi from a midlands newbie

Hi all, I'm a guy based in the Midlands of the UK, didn't even know that spending most my time nude round the house classified me as a nudist until some (slightly shocked / amused) friends pointed it out a little while ago. Well that has...

Chat Room Question.

I have noticed that in the public chat room when one is talking to a specific person or answering a question, both user names are shown with a little arrow, or chevron between the two names. Can someone explain how this is done.

New to being nude, looking for tips and...

Hi guys! Im excited to join the community. Ive always been more comfortable nude but am still a little apprehensive about sharing publicly. Wanted to say hello to all of you! If anyone wants to chat or has any tips, message me!

anyone in lansing , michigan or am i the...

so I'm a nudist in Michigan I know not the warmest place to be nude but I'm looking for female nudist in lansing or close to lansing to go to turtle lake, or nuance b and b I don't have a car so if you do that would be great . I'm not...

Any nudists in St. Louis, Missouri

I live in St. Louis and I was wondering if there was any nudists who were interested in chatting and possible meeting up.

Thanet, Canterbury, Herne Bay or surrounding...

Anyone free over Christmas want to meet up for a nude coffee and chat, happy to Travel cant accommodate though, get in touch

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New member

Im new here. I really would love to find like minded friends. And i like being nude around the house, and proud of it...

Nude in Salt Lake

First time here anybody in Salt lake city?

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