Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Hello all....I would like to introduce...

Hello, My name is Vinnie, I am a 36 year old single father from New Britain, CT, USA. I have always been more comfortable being nude, but because of the constant sexualization of it, I really have only been able to be nude at home. My home is...

Let's plane a trip to Gunnison Sandy Hook...

Hey I'm looking for Fellow Nudists from New Jersey Ocean County area.I'm new to being a nudists and have never been to Gunnison beach.I'd like to find others who have never been before ether cause you never thought of it or like me scared...

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Belgian nudists?

Hi, I'm looking for Belgian nudists preferably my age to go swimming and sporting in the Antwerp area. Anyone interested? Any tips on where this is possible while being naked? thanks!

Being nude is wonderful.

Love being nude most of my life with family.Going camping in a tent changing our clothes in front of each other to go swimming at a non nudist resort.Watching one's kids grow through puberty their hormonal change.Answering the kids questions....

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Hello Newbie here

Hello from cold New Jersey/ I'm new to this lifestyle like to find others in my area who enjoy being nude. I've sleep nude for year and loved it when I'm home alone I move around naked in the house. But anytime late at night in the summer...

Never Been to Resort - What to expect. Dos /...

Hello Group: We are planning on going to a nude camping resort this summer. This is our first time going but really have no idea what to expect, basic etiquette rules, dos / donts and hoping to get some basic information. Please know, I am not trying...

Hi ...New from Liverpool

Hi all. I'm a 45yr old male who would love to get involved in the nudist/naturist group. Problem is, i have never done anything like this before and I am a bit unsure of how to get involved. I know there is a naturist club near Liverpool and was...

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We are mature and finally got the nerve to be...

Hi, Donna and Bill here. Finally hubby has talked me into being a nudist, and just wanted to say hello to everyone. We live in North Ga but used to live in Clearwater Fl. We retired last summer, and moved here. We are hoping to meet some like minded...

newbie nudist from jakarta indonesia

hey my name is juni from jakarta indonesia i am newbie in nudist and my country not allowed nudist on the the public like beach even though we have many beautiful beach here any member or community around jakarta?? thanks

Algarve nudist holiday

Hi i have booked a villa for the 27th May to the 1st of June 6 days,and seeing its paid for i am looking for a couple to join us,its not a swingers holiday, i am going and so is another man, so looking for a nice couple to join us,its a very private...

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