Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Where can I go and be nude?

I'm usually nude at home and want to venture out I have went nude will hiking. But want a more social experience iv looked online for groups in my area and have only one and they haven't emailed me back. I of course don't wanna do...

New Nudist in Virginia

Greetings all. So I just started thinking about the nudist thing after losing a bunch of weight, feeling good about myself and how I look. I started just being nude more and really like it. I think i would like to take the next step and participate...

Newbie in Toronto Area

Hey guys! Newbie in the GTA,looking to meet some people to talk with and maybe meet up with.

Home nudists coming out into public

My husband is open nudist at home but still has reservations about a club. Has same issue most men have and wont make the jump. Any help from other ladies?


I love to be naked but have never visited a resort. I have the whitest skin you ever saw. Born a strawberry blond I do not get along with the sun. How can I enjoy the resort atmosphere?

Austin Texas & Hippie Hollow

Any here from my area in Austin Texas? Been to Hippie Hollow? Hoping to meet other local nudists to share experiences out there and other places where we can go nude.

anybody in new symrna bch area

looking for new friends

Newbie from Germany, a bit insecure

I've always enjoyed being naked from a very young age, but bullying in school has left some really deep scars and kind of shattered my confidence. I've been able to get completely naked at gym showers in the last couple of years but I want to...

New member from Southern California

Hello All, I happened across a discussion on Reddit with the truenudists site owners and decided to sign up today. My wife and I enjoy nudism at home and we are members at a local resort where we often do volunteer work. We enjoy making new nudist...

Walking nude at night.

I seen that a lot men walk nude at night. I think it just more comfortable for men to take a chance to walk nude outside at night. I am curious to know if any nudist women took a chance to walk nude outside at night. I just doing ratio of men and...

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