Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Hello from Plymouth

hello all Im james from plymouth. im new here but been a home nudist for a few years now looking to see what the nudist scene in plymouth is like and would like to meet a few people to gain confidence in nudism thanks james

First time doing this...ever we are. I am all really new to all this nudism thing. I have figured out that I really like to be naked. I sleep naked and I tend to just be naked while I'm in the privacy of my own room. When my roommates are gone are the only times...

Whats your opinion about very old pics?

As I am searching for new friends on this site, I skip those profiles not certified or without pics (as some of you do as well). However, I have found many profiles with people only posting very old pictures (say almost ten years old). Is that ok?...

New here

Hey I am new here.i love to be naked and feel free in my birth suit.i want to see how comfortable I can be in front of a stranger.


Hello everyone. I'm new to nudism. I like to get naked at home and also sleep naked. I never been nude in public except those few times on the beach at night.

Easy going

Munich | Hello buddies :) Easy going exhibitionism Love being naked and CMNM/CFNM!!! I would love to be naked all the time on holiday and to do little tasks and challenges during this time! Why don't you make me a suggestion?

Nude in New Jersey

Hello.. ok it's cold but I still love being nude. In the home and at night in my yard (the cold air is refreshing). But in summer would enjoy Gunnison with a friend or friends. I went once by myself.. and it was nice. But with some friends (men...

Nude Hiking Virgin

So, I'm going to do it. I think I've built up the nerve. My idea of nudism is just being with nature. I mean, honestly, it would be nice to have someone to hike with, and I'm into the social aspects eventually. I'm just dipping my...

Double Friends Pics

Does anyone know how to remove one Friend pic when the pic has somehow shown up twice? I tried deleting one a few days ago and both pics were deleted and I had to re-request friendship which, was kind of embarrassing. That can't really be the...