Hi there!
My name is Sasha
We are looking for models who would be interested in participating in Vanessa Beecroft live installation during an Art Basel event this Saturday in Miami

the models need to be completely nude, yes, nude
The participating artists are Vanessa Beecroft, Terence Koh, Ryan McGinness etc (12 in total)
Each artist will have a model (Vanessa will have 18!!) who will represent their art muse.
It's a pretty big deal in the High Art and Entertainment world
The guest list includes pop, movie and art celebrities and the event is sponsored by the Standard Hotel.
We don't really have a budget, it's art....but it's an amazing and inspiring event!
It is happening tomorrow, Dec 4th at the Standard Hotel, Miami./div
Please let me know if you have any questions.
I'm reachable at 917.514.2524

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You might contact the South Florida Free Beaches in North Miami or some people at Haulover Beach in North Miami - that's the legal nude beach in your area.

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