Sadly....Terra Cotta has Closed its doors again!

May be? ....3 times Lucky for Terra Cotta might work?
Sad News coming out of Terra Cotta is, that she is Closing its doors again.
Yup, the owner of Terra Cotta was forced to sell Terra Cotta #2, due to some very unfortunate Health issues.
What makes the "Fire Sale" even worse, is the fact, that for the second time in a row, the owner of Terra Cotta has sold to some Textile owners, who obviously have no intentions or interest in keeping it as a Nude / Clothing Optional resort.
It looks as if the Nude resort business is not what it once was.
What with an aging demographic, and the younger generation showing no real interest in Nude resorts ( Unless they are Nude Swingers resorts ) that cater to their Grandparents, the Nude resorts seem to be on the decline.
There was at one time, 3 or 4 thriving nude resorts in Palm Springs, and it has now come down to just one, which is the Desert Sun.
Well its actually two Nude resorts left, if you were to include Sea Mountain which is exclusively for the Party Crowd / Swinger Crowd.
Terra Cotta closing and selling out to Textiles is Sad for all of its Loyal clients that came back to support them.
But on the other hand, Terra Cotta selling to Textiles is great news for Desert Sun.
The Nude Resort business is slowly starting to dry up, as everyone is getting older and older with each passing year.
We are praying for John to have a full recovery from what ever it is, that he is going through.
You couldn't ever meet nicer people than John and Tom and Mary Claire.
Thanks for the Fun memories of Terra Cotta over all of those years.
We Loved each and every second of it!
You guys are the Best of the Best!

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RE:Sadly....Terra Cotta has Closed its doors again!

Very sad to hear this.
Praying health will get better and when they sell it'll open back up for business

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