RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

During one of our visits to Laguna Del Sol I was talking about this topic with a couple that Ive gotten to know and the wife said something interesting. She said her hesitation was because of how the media has made it look like everyone has this great body and she did not want to go and see all these naked people with great bodies and have it thrown in her face that she was heavy etc. When she finally went is when the ah hah moment came realizing she was just like everyone else and that perfect media body either doesnt exist or is as rare as precious metal.

I lucked out in that my wife was supportive but did not understand. Back in 98 we were planning a trip to Jamaica and I asked her if we could stay on the nude side of Grand Lido. She said yes but I was not to push expect or anything as she was not going to participate. Long story short, on the second day she got rid of the swim suit and that was the last we saw of it.

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

Ya know I have had many a notion they do stuff such as this to mind freak us. On a whim or cause they can what man could know?

In the early days this was a constant thing with my first wife. On our first ever nudist trip (at WTP) she pretty much stayed covered up. Around other people she was especially shy. Right as we're getting ready to leave and are at the car changing, the manager steps out to say goodbye to us. My wife, in the midst of changing, just drops everything without even blinking and walks directly towards the manager, naked and unashamed; and proceeds to have a 10 minute conversation with him, without a hint of self-consciousness. But then afterwards she got shy again...
It happened again at the non-landed club, where even after her second visit she still did not part with her sarong. Then she goes off inside the house; and reemerges later, naked, and proceeds to set up the table for the food to be brought out on. Not a hint of self-consciousness. Not only that but while dining she volunteered to refill people's drinks, bring them plates of food and take empty plates. One man even mentioned that my wife appeared to be a "seasoned nudist." I just nodded, thinking to myself: "not really...I'm actually totally in shock right now"! But then after that evening...yeap she got shy again...
One of the final "huh?!" moments was while we visited some nudist friends before heading out to the resort. Our female friend had mentioned that her tinted windows allowed her to drive naked to the resort. When we got ready to leave, my wife immediately requested to ride with her. I wasn't sure what was on her mind; until we got to the resort (I drove with out male friend). And I saw her jump out of the Jeep naked. She then proceeds to just walk into the front office naked to check-in; no trace of self-consciousness. This time though, she did not get shy again afterwards. She "retired" her sarong for good.

It may look like "whim-driven" nudity; but I think there was a "method to the madness." She was going with "feeling" and "pushing herself" based on circumstances, overcoming her shyness in "increments."
With the resort manager, she'd probably been questioning her ability to interact naked with another person throughout the day. As we were getting ready to leave, the opportunity to find that out was coming to an end. So when the manager interacted with us, and she was already in a semi-naked state, it became a "now or perhaps never" situation for her, leading to the impulsive decision to just drop all her clothes and having that interaction.
At the non-landed club potluck: same situation, but this time amongst a crowd of people.
With the "naked ride" situation, I think it was about finding out how "far" she could go with nudity. She had been socially nude at that point; but mostly intermittently over the course of the 2-3 hours we'd spend at the resort/club. She was comfortable around our friends, so when the opportunity came up to totally leave her clothes behind and have no "safety net" for an entire day: she just went for it. For her that was the final stage of overcoming shyness "in increments." At our following resort trip she left all her clothes in the car, fully confident and comfortable just staying naked.

Usually what seems to be "whim-driven" actually has a lot of forethought and feelings involved. It just that when it happens it's so "off the wall" that is leaves us thinking: " what the heck JUST happened?!?" LOL!!

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

I love my husband and want him to be happy, doing things he enjoys. And I believe our relationship is stronger because of it. - Mrs E

That's pretty awesome of you!

A lot of women in the same situation as yours would "rain down wrath" upon their spouse. But you saw it as an opportunity to solidify the relationship. And for that I commend you wholeheartedly.

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

My wife isn't even comfortable anyone nude except me. Any suggestions of to get her over that hurdle so I can encourage her to try visiting a clothing optional location?
Annie was the same way. There was NO WAY she was EVER going to be nude in public!
We did however have many conversations about how nudity gives me such a liberating feeling, That I wanted to take it to the next level and experience it with others.
I told her I wanted to go to the local club but they wouldn't let me in alone. It was clothing optional so she didn't have to participate if she didn't want to. Just come along and keep me company.
I think deep inside she was curious so I finally convinced her to go for an afternoon.
Once she saw how casual everyone was about it, all the negative stigmatism sort of dissolved and she was comfortable enough to let her girls get a little sun! That was the ice breaker. They were just normal people doing normal stuff but totally in the buff......and happy!
There was also the trip to the Korean Spa (before the club). I think that was her first revelation that not all women who are naked in public look like barbie dolls and she had no need to feel self conscious about her body.
We had an 8 foot blow up pool we had bought a few years back to cool off in the summer. She wore her suit in it at first but the day came when she tried it without, in the middle of the day. I could see there was anticipation and a hint of excitement in her eyes as she first stepped in. But there was also the feeling that all the neighbors would suddenly pop out of the bushes and all the delivery drivers would show up at once was lingering in the back of her mind. After a few times that faded away and she was comfortable walking to and from without even a towel wrapped around her.
You need to find what door she may be willing to open and support her in her nervous concern to step in. Timing and patience is the key and knowing when the conditions are right for planting another seed.
Most importantly, Love Never Fails! Annie and I are so in love! She stepped out of her comfort zone for me because of our love and did it to help me fulfill a desire and a curiosity.
Oh how I Live this Woman!

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

I wouldn't say I converted my wife, since she was an "at-home" nudist for years prior to us dating, We were friends for a couple of years prior to dating and she knew I had just gone thru a divorce from a woman who was totally against my nudity, so this had been a discussion during our conversations over the years. Many times during our flirting conversations she would jokingly ask "so what are you wearing? or Did you go naked at the beach today?" but never did she talk negative about my open lifestyle. So one day while we were chatting she asked my about a cool app she had just heard of where you can video chat over the computer and asked if I had heard of it, which I did. So without saying anything she called me on my computer to video chat, so I answered the call, and was nude as I had always told her, but the surprise was she was also nude. She had been going to a tanning salon and worked on getting rid of her tan-lines because she said "this year I'm REALLY going to go to a nude beach" She told me she was always comfortable nude at home, but wasn't sure if she could go nude in public, and when she was asking about what I was wearing or where I went to the beach, she would only want to try going nude more. She also mentioned that since I never asked her what she was wearing was eating her up because she was bursting to tell me a line she had practiced for the day I would ask "make-up and a smile" She then stood up and moved her chair out of the way to show off her all-over tan and I complimented her on how nice she looked, then she asked for me to do the same, so I stood up and took a step back so she could see my tan. Then she commented that she LOVED how dark I was and would LOVE to be as dark as me, then she noticed I was completely smooth, which she had not known before since I had never mentioned it. This now began another conversation about shaving.

After a few months of nude video chatting, I had a training class about 2 hours from where she lived and mentioned visiting her on the weekends during my 6 weeks of training, which she said she couldn't wait for me to visit. So I arrived at her place on Friday before my class started as planned and upon arriving she met me at her door nude, which really surprised me since we were still "friends" but flirted all the time. I complimented her on how good she looked and she laughed and said "what are you now a prude?" since I was still fully clothed, so I immediately removed my clothes and we both just hung out at her house nude for the evening. I mentioned that I knew of a nude beach about an hour from her house and asked if she wanted to try it tomorrow, which I could tell she was still a little nervous about the idea. Then she said "maybe?" then she said "we can go and see what it's like and maybe I will go topless" so I didn't want to pressure her and let her make her decision. Since we were still friends I asked her where she wanted me to sleep? and she said I could stay in her spare bedroom, but she would need to make up the bed first, or I could sleep in her bed. Then she said she was going to take a shower before going to bed and it was my choice where I wanted to stay. Then she began walking to her shower and said "but you better take a shower if you are staying in MY BED" so I joked and followed her into her bathroom which had an oversize shower with 2 heads and joined her in the shower where she decided to shave off the last remaining patch of pubic hair, which turned into our first real physical contact and not just flirting. We got pretty hot and heavy that evening and also the next morning and with this new comfort between us she said "lets go to the beach!"

When we arrived at the beach it was fairly quiet at 8AM just a few beach walkers, so even though it was clothing optional none were nude walking along the shoreline. So I immediately removed my clothes then we set up our blanket and applied sunscreen, she was still wearing her bikini which was a white G-string which she had never had the nerve to wear before, but was a big step for her. Then she asked if I wanted to go in the water before we started working on our tans and as I said YES, she removed her top as we walked to the water. On our way to the water we passed a couple who was walking the shoreline and she was nervous at first just wearing a tiny white G-string but once nothing earthshattering happened seeing her nude breasts and her exposed ass in a G-string she gained more confidence. She played in the water for about 30 minutes and as we swam around more people started filling up the beach, there were now probably 50+ people between us and where we had our blanket set up, and in all forms of undress from fully clothed, bikini, topless and a few nude which were mostly guys. But just as I was asking her if she wanted to go back to our blanket she slipped off her G-string and handed it to me and said "I won't be needing these anymore, and if I ask PLEASE don't hand them too me" The thing that really surprised me was instead of making a bee-line for our blanket when we hit the shore-line she said "lets go for a walk" which REALLY surprised me, but seeing her find her confidence I just went with it.

So we are now walking along the shore-line and unlike before she is now saying hello and smiling at strangers as we pass them. Then a little ways down the beach I see her "perk-up" a little more than before, then she starts walking up to a couple of girls laying out topless and one of them sits up and I can see her mouth drop and she say "OH MY GOD!, you REALLY did it!" What I found out this girl was one of Michelle's closest friends who she had been telling about me and our plan on going to a nude beach someday. Then she had told her I was coming to visit this weekend and Michelle's friend had told her about this clothing optional beach, but when I mentioned it she decided to just go with my idea. Michelle's friend had been coming here for a while to sunbath topless but never went completely nude and always wore just a minimal G-string which didn't really cover much, but she liked having a tan-line. The other girl once seeing Michelle nude smiled and said "I guess I won't be needing these as she removed her bottoms" Then we decided to go get our blankets and bag and join her friends. We all hung out for a few hours sunbathing and swimming, but the funny thing was that Michelle now seemed completely comfortable in her nudity in a social environment, to the point her friend mentioned when a couple passed that the woman was saying to her husband that "he shouldn't be staring at Michelle" then I noticed that she was laying with her legs spread completely open, tanning her inner thighs. Her friend asked her if she realized everyone walking along the shore-line had a completely unobstructed view of her pussy? Then Michelle said "whats the big deal, every guy walking around has his dick on display for all to see?" Then she said "I'm hear to work on my tan, so I don't care who sees as long as I can tan the hard to get spots", as she applied more suntan oil over her open pussy as another couple walked by staring.

We stayed on the beach until late afternoon when we were getting really hungry. So we packed our thing up and as I was getting ready to pull on my shorts Michelle said, lets stay naked until we have to get dressed as we started walking to the car. we got just to the path leading to the beach when I stopped and slid on a pair of shorts and Michelle put on sheer mesh tank-top that barely covered her exposing her ass and half of her pubic region. Then we loaded the car and we ordered a pizza on our way. When we arrived at her house we both went straight to the shower to rinse off the salt water and sand, and as we were showering we heard a knock at the door, from the pizza delivery. So Michelle got out of the shower soaking wet and went and answered the door naked. I finished and dried off and walked out too the living room a few minutes later to find Michelle standing there talking to the pizza girl still naked and Michelle introduced me to her, because she was the regular driver in Michelles area and had seen her naked prior delivering pizza's. Michelle had told her about the great time we had at the beach and told her we were going again tomorrow and that she should join us.

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

I, too didn't convert my wife.
Unlike me, she had not interest in nudism but was willing to have a holiday near a clothing-optional beach provided she wasn't required to strip completely naked. She did buy some bikini bottoms to go topless on that holiday but didn't wear them at all after the first day - going totally naked.
A couple of years later she was on the point of agreeing to visit a nude camp site so on a Friday we were going to have a camping weekend I phoned up a nude camp site to make a booking in the hope of persuading her to go there at last. When I gave my name for the reservation I was informed that my wife had already made the booking!

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RE:Non-nudist partners that "converted" to nudism. What changed their mind?

It never seems to make sense to us why a wife would not want to partake in something so wholesome with her husband, even if it's just the two of them at home alone. It's more puzzling that some couples don't sit down with a cup of coffee, a drink or nothing at all and just talk about what the concerns, fears or out right dislike are for being nude around each other, except for sex. It seems there are some strong underlying issues, an incident in the past or strong fear of something that has not been addressed or discussed between two people that are spending their entire lives together. What type of relationship is it when two people won't discuss the most intimate issues between them?Sometimes the non nudist needs to hear what the nudist has been pontificating for some time, from someone else. It helped in my case for converting Di from home nudism to social nudism... and we talked about nudism, social nudism and our life as nudists all the time. Nowadays, it's just a large part of who we are and how we live so the talking about it isn't as frequent but we still have open and honest conversations about it on occasion. It's that way about many things in our lives; money, family, friends... a marriage shouldn't be about surface stuff but should be more about those deep feelings, concerns, fears that can keep a couple living like brother and sister than husband and wife. Certainly being naked together as much as possible is a conversation I'd be wanting/mildly demanding to have with a non nudist partner.

While I can agree that every couple should talk to each other about differences, my wife and I (and I would expect most couples) still have areas where the final result is to agree to disagree. Being nude is one of these for us. I suspect this topic is more difficult in a situation like mine where I was not interested in spending a considerable amount of time nude until after we had been married for several years.
The thing that really does not make sense to me is that some spouses strongly object to the other being nude when it is just the two of them alone.

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