Jobs in Nudist resorts

Hey people i would like to know if there r any jobs at any nudist resorts...

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RE: Jobs in Nudist resorts

Hey people i would like to know if there r any jobs availble at any nudist resorts...If so i m very much interested.

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Jobs in Nudist resorts

I've seen "Employment Opportunities" sections on the web sites of many resorts. The AANR Bulletin has a classified section where there are often listings for employment at resorts. Recently there was a listingseeking a couple to manage a resort on an island in the Caribbean Sea. If you're looking for a business rather than just a job, there are resorts that can be purchased. In my travels I have met many natives of India who own and manage hotels and motels. I guess it wouldn't be a far stretch to operate a nudest resort.

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RE: Jobs in Nudist resorts

In many if not most resorts, the staff must be clothed, which is self-defeating given the mixed signals that it sends to newcomers. IMO, when a potential nudist enters the office of a resort and sees dressed employees, it sends the message that nudism is a business rather than a way of life. Nude receptionists and staff say, "We take nudism seriously here!"

That's been my observation at some of the nudist resorts that I have been, staff must be clothed. At Avalon, you might see some topless staff, including in the office where you check in.

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