Anniversary trip

My wife and I are headed to Harbin Hot Springs for the day tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary. Itll be our first visit to Harbin but definitely not our first to a place where nudity is normal. Really looking forward to a day away especially with having been stuck at home so much because of this COVID mess.

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RE:Anniversary trip

Our visit to Harbin Hot Springs today was quite nice. A good number of people were there but not crowded or uncomfortable as it was a weekday and they are limiting access due to COVID to help with social distancing, Almost everyone was nude and the few exceptions were a few women that were topless but wearing skimpy bottoms like thongs etc. The pools were quite nice with everything from very hot to a cold pool that literally felt like water had just been poured from a refrigerator. Very clean refreshing water leaving the skin feeling quite nice. A number of families were there including one that appeared to be three generations. Kids ranged from probably age 6 on up through teens. Everyone was very respectful and masks were worn when walking through an area where one might be getting close to others. The one downside was that because of COVID people were not very social and stayed in their own little groups Im not saying it was wrong, really it was the right thing, just a downside of COVID. I think itd be nice to visit overnight when things return to normal and they have the sauna open, are doing yoga, etc. It also might be nice to hike some of their trails nude (they have 1,700 acres and nudity allowed except indoors or near the public road). Nice to have another resort to go to.

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