What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

How have you convinced folks to try nudism? What works ? what doesn't?

Myself, I bought a hot tub 24 yrs ago and hung the house rules over it. 1. Use common sense 2. no swimsuits allowed

For the most part I have enforced the rules and as a result have had many a friend or passing traveler strip down and experience their first
social nude experience. Years ago I invited a buddy who soaked nude with me to head to Turtle Lake Nudist resort and he enjoyed it enough he went back on his own. Then he married a prudish woman and has not been back.

What works for you all?

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RE:What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

I was at a friends house one day the summer before last; it was rather warm and humid... ok, it was September in lower Alabama... it was hot as hell. We talked about getting is his pool and he said he would go put on a swimsuit, and see if he had one that would fit me. I looked at him and said your yard is private, why bother with swimsuits . He looked at me like I was crazy... I asked if he had ever been skinny dipping. He said yes, when he was a Boy Scout. I chuckled and said youve been in this house, with this pool and such a private yard, and youve never been in it naked?
Suffice it to say we went skinny dipping, and have not worn swimsuits since unless there was company over... none of his other friends would be open to it. Also, we have been to a clothing optional campground in his motorhome and are talking about a trip to another in the spring. Admittedly, we were only nude in the pool area and around the coach, and me more than him... but, it was a first for both of us.

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RE:What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

I find that a goodly amount of the men I know hear about the nudity among me and my roommates and and just outright say they'd like to hang out like that.

All but one have said this the last year, so clearly we haven't had them over.

But the one, he came over, he stripped and we started playing cards. Then he taught us to play Texas Hold em, I think.

It was nice. Casual. Just naked dudes hanging out.

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RE:What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

Skinny dipping has always worked for me, something about swimming nude is more attracting to most. Then just going nude around others.

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RE:What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

Great question. I would love to share naturism with everyone, but I find it's best to first ask probing questions to figure out how receptive your audience is just to save time and effort. But if you do think someone is open to it I would just talk about it in a positive tone and very matter of factly. Like, "Me and X went to Gunnison this weekend..." and that can open a conversation about nonsexual social nudity if your audience wants to.

I think the keys to remember are:

A) never make it sound like a confession or else they will be automatically skeptical that you're trying to hide something or that there is something to worry about.

B) be nonchalant, don't build it up, don't leave any pregnant pauses.

C) be genuine and friendly, never pressure anyone in any way

D) if they ask, talk about how wonderful it is. People like to see people talk about something they are passionate about.

It helps if you have a relationship already, but I guess not many people would talk about nudism with textile strangers anyway, lol.

In the past, if after talking about it and they seem interested I would invite them to the beach or a landed club. In hindsight, I would only invite them to a club for now on. I love the beach, but for newbies one creep can put a cloud over the day. On the other hand, clubs vet people and I find women in particular feel safer in the more regulated atmosphere.

I think the goal is to just show that nudists are just normal well adjusted people who just happen enjoy and embrace not wearing clothes, and that it's great and not a big deal. The nudist world is the same as the normal world, the same boundaries, laws, courtesies, friendliness; it's just that people don't wear clothes and everyone respects that and everyone understands it's not a sexual thing.

My theory is that everyone in the world is a nudist somewhere in their person to some degree. Most people would never admit it though for a host of reasons. So it's about making a safe space for it to be okay. Everyone to who I have introduced it has LOVED it and returned.

Short summary, just talk about it casually and invite them out if they seem interested.

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RE:What do you find is the best way to get folks to try social nudism?

noodengr2 we have talked about this in the past and I still say if you build it they will come. Perhaps it's our very short warm weather where you and I live a Hot Tub is such an inviting escape from the frigid. Turtle is a nice resort but once again it's hard to play nudist when you have to 4 wheel drive in and it's -30 windchill. Been there done that several times there.

We have had numerous Hot Tub parties after I first put the tub in and Luann could not bring herself not to wear a bikini. Now she defiantly rocks one but it was a process for her to shed it. Shocked the $hit out of me the 1st time she walked in nude in front of us to take a soak. . Your a smart guy you know it can take some take time to process somethings. In our western culture it probably takes longer to get there especially for most females.

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