Nude housing

I remember a thread by someone who was trying to establish a large, all male home where clothing would not be allowed except briefly when leaving or arriving. The last post I remember was that he was putting everyting on hold until the covid situation improved. I can't seem to find it now.
Does anyone else remember it and/or is able to locate it?

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RE:Nude housing

I definitely remember that -- sounded amazing.

They were also going to remove ALL internal door. Clothing would only be allowed in the mud room/laundry room. All guests would have to be nude.

Seems like it was going to be somewhere in the South West.

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RE:Nude housing

I think that it was near San Diego.
There was a thread on another board of someone who had already accomplished this.
There were also no clothes closests or dressers in the house. Each resident had one shelf in the laundry room for their clothes.
Removing all doors might be a little much.
While I am not modest in most respects, I do like privacy when doing a #2.

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