First time - Nude swim

Hi all

I have a potential opportunity to attend a nude swim in a few weeks fairly local to me but am extremely apprehensive and nervous about going due to my size. I am 22st/300lbs with a big belly so will stand out no doubt. It will be my first time nude with others in a social setting so anxiety levels are high.

Everything Ive read that other naturists are very friendly and there will be all body types but wanted to get an idea of other peoples experiences who might have been through the same situation please.

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RE:First time - Nude swim

been a nudist since the 80's member of one camp over 10 years trust me nudist come in all shapes sizes , colors, i'm 270 # i love being nude and although i now visit a gay camp as opposed to a coed it's all the same Enjoy and be yourself .

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