North Queensland Solo Male Social Nudists

I cannot be the only solo-male naturist in North Queensland, and not the only one to find mixed venues/clubs/groups difficult to access as an unaccompanied male. If one cannot access these groups for social naturism, then why not start our own? So I did just that on here.
Our group is:
All just men or those identifying as male who want to enjoy simple, wholesome social nudity with others. No discrimination, just men who enjoy the freedom of being clothing free.
The group is open to all from Rockhampton South, to Torres Strait North, and West to Mount Isa. The group proposes social gatherings in any locale thats safe and appropriate. If even two or three get together and make good connections in some parts then its doing its job to promote social nudity.
People visiting or passing through this area are also welcome to join too! We have a great location for a naked lifestyle, even in much of the Dry Season (Winter).
With numbers, we can plan even more and better outings and activities.
Beach days, dinners, games nights, swims, camping, free-hiking, movie nights, you name it! If it can be done safely naked then lets make it happen.

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RE:North Queensland Solo Male Social Nudists

Im keen mate Im in cairns though so if anything happening in cairns pencil me in if its something Id be keen to do.

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RE:North Queensland Solo Male Social Nudists

Are you closed to couples, single females? It seems to break the ostrization, showing others you aren't a threat could help. I went to one club (sorry, in the U.S.) that had opened its doors to single males and there weren't any problems.

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