Opinions on state law

Im writing this as Im enjoying my morning coffee on my backyard patio in the buff, and would appreciate input on how one would interpret Tennessee indecent exposure. While I am on my private property, there is one window from my neighbor that looks onto my backyard. From what I can perceive, if I go out of my way to expose myself, such as naked gardening when the blinds are open that could be deemed indecent. But if the blinds are closed, and their habits dictate they are not there, but then the window opens and I am discovered naked - is that exposing? Ive attached a link and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. (Working on growing a hedge - lol.)


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RE:Opinions on state law

Have you made contact with the Tennessee Associated Naturist Network? They might have some information on how the law actually plays. PM me if you need contact information... I don't think they allow email addresses or phone numbers on the forums.

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