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UK Laws

I will be in Manchester later this week for the Whit Friday Marches. Probably not a good time to take advantage of the fact that public nudity is generally legal in the UK!

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naturism in Pakistan

Hi Friends I am new to this site but i thoroughly browsed the site. I am really very glad to see members of my mind. I am from Pakistan and I really love to be nude but in our society its stronglyprohibited. Now i want to leave my country and move...

Driving in Texas

Hi, quick questions for any lawyer group. Is it legal to drive naked in Texas? I would not have my sunroof down or be doing anything sexual, just driving. Thanks, Brad.

Indecent exposure help

Looking for some advice.........I've been summoned to appear for an arraignment pertaining to an early morning naked walk, and someone called the cops! I was alone, in an empty parking lot or so I thought. Anyway, has anyone had to go through...

Why has my thread been removeed?

I made a thread three months ago about indecent exposure and its gone, anyone know why?

[removed] plans for summer in magic circle

It is my understanding that my grandson is going to spend the summer in the magic Circle in Quartz site Arizona with his aunt because he needs a place to stay for the summer. His mom has to go to work and money is tight so he cant afford to have him...

Nude in my yard in South Carolina

I have been spotted numerous times in my yard by mailman, ups, Amazon and even a Door Dash driver. In the case of door dash I put in my order that Im a nudist. I havent had any issues with any of them. The Amazon drivers usually pause as theyre...

Legal to wear a thong in public in Colorado ?

Does anyone know if it is legal to wear only a thong in Colorado. Meaning exposing butt cheeks but covering genitals of course ? Im looking at the Denver, Aurora and Parker area. I know nudity is not allowed. But what about thong. Thanks.

Tops no Longer Required in Kansas

I recently read that women may be topless anywhere in Kansas where men are allowed to be topless. This kills the law in Topeka (I think that's the right city) where it was expressly illegal to expose female breasts. Not a huge step, but it is a...

British Naturism

Hello members, I've been surfing the web to find BN contact details and found..., however the email bounces back, which must mean they are no longer active or changed their details. Can anyone advise me of a current email...