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Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

Nudist Church

Here's a question that I had while I was sitting in my textile church this morning. Is there such a thing as a nudist church? If so where?

To See or Not to See

So just curious if people tend to leave their blinds open during the day or night when their nude? Is it our right as nudists to not care if other people see us or is it just the exhibitionist in me talking?

Have you ever been arrested for nudity?

One of my greatest fears (besides getting an erection, lol) is being arrested or caught by the neighbors for being nude. I have been to several nudity tolerated beaches, Playalinda, Apollo, Hering Cove. I have also been nude on several secluded...

Farcebook a nudity case.

Farcebook Good to see that the French court has upheld a court case that the consumer law is in the country of the member and not the country where the head quarters are.

Everyone need to check out this article! Guy... this is awesome, anyone living is this state should follow his lead!

Neighbors window looks over to my yard

Is it illegal in California for me to be nude in my yard if the neighbors window over looks my east a portion of it...

Can you legally give a nudism seminar and be...

I live in a college town and have considered giving a seminar on living the nudist lifestyle. I've considered doing it in a private forum, perhaps booking a private room in one of the local bars in town. I'm sure there would have to be some...

Her love of naturism ended her career

. "... she reveals how her private hobby suddenly became public knowledge ... "

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