Legal Issues

Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

Nudist demands right to go free

An article by Kathy Sundstrom in the Sunshine Coast Daily, Queensland Australia. Nudists Demand The Right To Go Free COOLUM naturist Mark Hayter is tired of breaking the lawevery time he wants to have a swim at his favourite beach. Although it...

Nudist Beach Application - KZN South Coast

HI All,Please follow the link and sign our petition in support of our application to get the first official nudist beach in South Africa.

Latest Post
NAC Action Alert for Kansas

**********************************************************************NATURIST ACTION...


A new petition has been started to allow nude use of designated BLM land. PLEASE SIGN!

Nudity laws in Australia

Does any one know how the laws apply tobeing nudeat home & in our backyards. My understanding is that I can benude in the backyardas long as I am not in sight of theneighbours (ie:there is sufficient fencing)- unless they have a two storey building &...

The Law in England

From British Naturism! And a carry with you guidance doc here

California - use petition/proposition process...

I have been reading various topics on San Onofre beach, the Cahill policy, the 2009 NEF California poll etc. and then I saw one of the topics on the petitions. This all got me thinking. First the petitions are national...

not single men

is true that in many naturist resort limit entry to single men? because I read on some Internet sites where they said that many nudist camps not letmen go?

Sex Offender Label?

Someone recently told me that being caught driving nude in the US will result in you being charges with a felony offence and a label for life as a sex offender. Is this really true? I just did a long cross country drive last summer, and the majority...

protected photos?

How do we know that the pictures that we publish are not going to give pages prohibited?

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