Legal Issues

Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

How Bad Do You Want It?

Hi,We are new members here after stumbling across this site in a search. It wasn't blocked (yet) by the government morals keepers so on we went.We live in Indonesia. Have for the past 2.5 years now. Retired and this is where the female half...

Guy takes plea deal after arrest for... he's been doing it for 30 years without a problem. Suddenly he has new neighbors and it becomes a huge issue. If I was him I would have installed...

Let's put a twist to the story

I was a bit surprised to the responses to the story about the guy in North Carolina who was doing nothing illegal but his neighbors keeps calling the police about him being nude in his home. So I thought I would see how people would respond if we...

Petition for clothing optional beach in SC

Click here to sign petition to make part ofFolly Beach clothing optional.

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Amazing. Police not arresting nudist in...

Check out this news story. to see law enforcement acting responsibly and with regard to the law.The disturbing thing is that...

Reluctant to Sign the Clothing Optional...

The petition asking policy makers to designate more federally-owned wilderness areas, forests and beaches for clothing optional access has been posted at for several days now. At last check the petition has 330 signatures. I personally am...

First legal nude beach opens in Rio

Nudist demands right to go free

An article by Kathy Sundstrom in the Sunshine Coast Daily, Queensland Australia. Nudists Demand The Right To Go Free COOLUM naturist Mark Hayter is tired of breaking the lawevery time he wants to have a swim at his favourite beach. Although it...

Nudist Beach Application - KZN South Coast

HI All,Please follow the link and sign our petition in support of our application to get the first official nudist beach in South Africa.

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NAC Action Alert for Kansas

**********************************************************************NATURIST ACTION...

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