Legal Issues

Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

Losing privacy

I had a township supervisor knock on my door earlier this week. He informed me of a zoning law that any shrubbery being used as a barrier such as fencing can only have a height of four feet. I have a row of hedges between my closest neighbor and...

The churches views on nudism

I have been searching but there is a lot of contradicting information. What are the churches views on nudism? And are any of you Catholics?

Topic's coming up in Google search.

I did a search for nude beaches in Somerset on Google and found one of the walk I posted on this site where I walked from Minehead to Blue Anchor along the beach nude. So be careful before you post anything on this site where you are nude and it...

Boy Scout Troop led on Blacks Beach by... sanity prevailed and everyone realized no harm was done.I bet the Boys had a blast and will be talking about this hike for a long time!!


I was on line last night and read that it is legal in Columbus,Ohio for women to go topless.Is that true? Can I really walk out my front door topless? Can I really drive my car in Columbus topless? Can I really walk out on my deck in front of my...

What about 'unofficial' nude venues?

What 'unofficial' nude venues can we find? There are too few here in Texas that are 'official nude'.

Montana republican wants to expand indecent...

Also speedos, yoga pants, and skin colored clothing:

Swimmin in river. fort mill ,sc

I can't seem to find info if it os legal to swim nude in my local river. Catawba river. I can kayak to a secluded section where there is a beach with no access but kayak. Is the river federal land?

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Girl arrested for topless selfie

Hitting a police car while drunk and topless isn't too smart.

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