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Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

Nude in Florida

If you want to do your yard work nude you should move to Florida. This story is written in an amusing way but it is factually accurate.

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by 85springer 

I have seen some clothing optional resorts in Florida that say that state law requires that clothing be worn in the gym and/or indoor areas where food is served. Others allow nudity in these area. Does anyone know the reason for these differences. I...

Is it legal to be nude in your own backyard

Is anybody familiar withcanadian laws regarding being nudein your back yard?To be morespecific, I have a six foot privacy fence around my yard. Am I breaking any laws if a nieghbour can still see me?

Arrested for Indecent exposure.

On Friday I'd got back from an evening walk, stripped off once inside, had a cuppa & a bowl of soup, I was just thinking of making another cuppa when someone banged on my door I grabbed my dressing gown put it on answered the door to find 3...

Illinois hotel swimming pool.

Hi all I posted the question somewhere else, b it I guess this is the better place for it. I will he going to Illinois. 25 minutes north of Chicago. The hotel were I will stay has their pool open. I know I will not be allowed to swim nude there....

Cited for indecent exposure!

Hey all, I also posted this in a hiking group forum but just noticed this section so I'm reposting... I've been exploring SW florida and looking for places to safely hike nude. A few days ago I pulled into a national preserve that is in the...

Man Removed from WNBR due to Erection

Hello everyone! Source: I can copy and paste the news story at the ending I will give the source if it was missed at the top. ...

Blind Creek Beach FL is official now.

ST. LUCIE COUNTY Blind Creek Beach is officially the countys first clothing-optional beach. In a 4-1 vote Tuesday, the County Commission officially designated 36 acres of beach within the 408-acre park clothing optional. The park is on both sides of...

Warning: Nudism and Minors

I got a Friend Request from an uncertified person with no picture, which I did not accept but chatted with. After a while, he told me he was 16 and innocently said he wanted to nude skype with me. I told him I can't since he's a minor and it...

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