Hotel Pools

How many of you skinny-dip in hotel pools.
I don't manage it on every hotel visit but there are only three hotels which I have visited in the last ten tears that I have not skinny-dipped in.
I managed to cross one hotel off my list on Saturday morning while the hotel staff were laying up the poolside tables for breakfast.
I had tied the tanga (pictured below) which I wore to walk between my room to the pool to the pool steps and I didn't bother with a towel as I was going to shower in my room after the swim.

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RE:Hotel Pools

Further to my post above, here are some pictures of hotel pools I have skinny-dipped in.

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RE:Hotel Pools

Ive skinny dipped in two hotel pools.
One hotel in Edinburgh and one in Birmingham
I definitely need to do it more

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RE:Hotel Pools

Last week my wife and I went down to the hotel pool at a quiet time and I suggested that I should have a skinny-dip before anybody else arrived.
My wife replies "Why not" - another first!

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