Long Long Time

Long time I've visited our 'Happy Clothes-Free Chat Group' Clubhouse. So much dust everywhere ...

Could use some help cleaning!

Any volunteers? :-PP


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RE:Long Long Time

1000 apologies. I visit the group almost daily but, in all honesty, since it's so quiet here, I don't spend much time in the group.

What do you want done? Dusting out the members list? Cleaning out the topics? I always have time in the early morning. ;-)

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RE:Long Long Time

Agreed that it's at least time to open the windows and let some light and fresh air in :) That said, I don't know that too much scrubbing is needed; I wouldn't like to see everything old throw out. Some older items are nice to look back on. (Then again, while I don't consider myself a hoarder, others might disagree!)

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RE:Long Long Time

Don't take this topic too literally. It was more meant to say I'm going to be a little bit more active again, and that I'm back ^_^

(and that our imaginary clubhouse could use some cleaning because I've been away for some time :-PP )


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What is your passion?

You have inspired me; let's be active again!
So my passion is creating things. I have been at this for thirty-nine years now. My media is wood, fabric, and metal, something I learned and inherited from my grandfather. I love the challenge of conjuring up something from a plank or bar of metal. The reward is at the end when you see the glow on the customer's faces. It is very pleasing to see a pile of something become something of use and beauty. I've included a few examples here.
It is always exciting to work bare!

What's your passion?

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RE:What is your passion?

Beautiful creations, Rosewood! I'm reminded of the adage that "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." While I'm not sure this is strictly true here in the real world -- I think some bumps along the road of life are inevitable -- the fact that you are passionate about your workmanship and enjoy the fruits of your labor make me think you don't "work" (in a negative sense) too many days of the year. Congrats!
(BTW methinks this should really be it's own topic.)

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