What is Tantra and what are the benefits?

Truth be told, I'm just learning.
When I started my journey into nudism, I found it extremely invigorating and liberating. It felt as though there was a renewed energy in my body, different than I have experienced in the past.
It was about that time I began to visit the Korean spa on a regular basis, enjoying its cleansing as I focused/meditated on how it was affecting my mind and body.
As a lover of massage, I began researching and found much information about tantra massage, which fascinated me. ;-)
Recently, I began contemplating about the energy I feel in my core when I am one with nature when nude, so I googled core energy.
I was rather surprised to find that it has been studied for thousands of years.
I have always had the belief that the human body, mind and spirit is capable of so much more than the average person believes and my research was confirming what I had always believed. I higher plane of existence, internalizing and expanding the whole of self and bonding with my wife on a higher level than ever before.
What are we truly capable of and how can it affect our everyday life.
So lately, I have been binge studying a plethora of related topics, particularly about the 7 chakras.
We were created in the image and likeness of God. Designed to function in a versatile world. Self rejuvenating? And to what extent. But what are our limitations? Are there any? Are we only limited by ourselves? Is there a higher plain of existence?
Our body is designed to heal itself but what about the rest of our being? Is there a way to regularly recharge and reset our total being?
I believe so, deep inside I always believed so. And Tantra and Chakra study are confirming that and I am already realizing a difference in many areas in my life.
So far, I've learned that there is much to learn.
Have others perused this path? If so, what have you learned and/or discovered?
It would be nice to hear from others how Tantra, Chakra, Yoga and Meditation have affected and changed your life.

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RE:What is Tantra and what are the benefits?

For those of you who may find this all very curious, here are a few sites that I have found to be quite revealing:


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