Have been seen by others while walking a trail to the beach .

Have , on occasion , been seen by others when walking a trail through the trees to reach a beach area along Lake Michigan . Donald - duck when possible . Naked below my shirt . Have occasionally ended up with others seeing me naked for a moment as I drop my shirt from chest - high to thigh length . They mostly accept it happening . Mostly happens with surprise sighting , as they or me end up seeing each other . Covering myself quickly with my shirt does a lot to dispell any
thought that my nudity was intentional in being seen . Just a mormal naked way to travel to the beach by me . With concern that others may see me . Reason I have the XL T - shirt to cover me when needed .

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RE:Have been seen by others while walking a trail to the beach .

There is a great, hiking spot east of Phoenix. A lot of nude hiking goes on around there. But yes, textiles to show up. And it is a surprise when they catch it. Walking down the trail naked.

Its happened to me a few times now. But Ive learned to keep very small sarong around my belt. But I can pull out real quick to cover up. If I do meet somebody on the trail, I asked them if its OK if Im naked. So far nobody has complained. But I do it respectfully as much as I can.

But one time I had a feeling even before I met up with the people. And it turned out to be a group of men and young boys, walking back from the slot canyons. That was a surprise! But I was covered up. L O L.

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