It's been a long time...

I haven't abandoned the nudist lifestyle. I have just been too ashamed to practice lately. At first it was just the excuse that "it's too cold" to go anywhere.

Honestly. It's my weight.

I've started trying to lose weight and working out on a daily basis as well as changing my diet. I'm ashamed at what I've become and I'm working on changing that. I was just hoping that anyone out there going through the same thing or has been through it could offer some support.

I used to have a lot of friends here and I know I haven't been around and it's asking a lot...but if anyone wants to keep in contact with me or follow my weight loss blog just send me a message. I'll be checking back frequently for the next few days or so and I'll give anyone who'd like it a way to contact me outside the site.

I just can't really bring myself to be here and to say I'm a nudist when I'm too ashamed to even practice anymore...

With love - OG

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RE: It's been a long time...

Girl seriously, look at the people who are nudists. Look at my pics! I'm sure next to me you look like a super-model! Get your naked on! Nobody cares. And if you wanna lose weight, fine, but nudists won't think any more or less of you in the meantime!

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RE: It's been a long time...

Just remember: anyone whose opinion matters doesn't care about your body weight, and getting naked in the fresh air is the best setting for exercise!

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RE: It's been a long time...

As it has been said here! The weight should not have anything to do
with the naturist/nudist lifestyle. Nudists comes in all shapes! :-D
That been said, taking care or making efforts in having a good physical
and mental health is important. (but that's for your own well beeing!)
won't claime that I have had the same "problem" as you on the physical
side. But on the mental side I kind of have! To most people it does't
sound like a problem, but for me it really was! I was so under weight
that I could step right in to a holocaust film, and even "eating a
horse" didn't change it! So finaly I accepted that "this is my body, and
that's what I have to work with"!! Yes, to most people it sounds like a
luxury problem, but on the mental side of it.... (and for some od
reason it's allways ok to comment on skinny people! :-D )
So I can't offer you any support or tip on loosing weight!! But I will
cheer for you on the sideline :-D And I must say that eaven that I have
never talked to you, I have missed you here on the forum!!

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RE: It's been a long time...

Practicing nudity should help with your body image and provide a stimulus to shed some of those pounds.

I've had good luck with weight watchers, search for a group close to you, you'll get support and encouragement through that group.

Good luck regaining your self esteem.

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RE:It's been a long time...

I can appreciate where you are coming from. Everyone talks about women having body image issues but few talk about us men. It is true we don't put as much emphasis on it especially when clothed but I believe most do.
I was overweight and started running half marathons and got down to a trim 256 lbs ( 6foot 6in) but then I permanently hurt my ankle and had to stop. Last winter 8 yrs later i m 304 lbs and i didn't feel good about myself, especially nude, as clothes do hide the rolls.
This morning i was back to 283 and i still have 20 lbs that I could lose and will work on.
So yes please include me in your journey as support works wonders.
Kick ass girl you can do it.

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RE:It's been a long time...

I'm right there with ya, old injuries caught up to me and the weight came on. I'm using K-bells and walking to get it off.

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