Spring Planting

We have had some very warm weather this week and Bill has gotten a lot done in our garden, all nude of course. He started getting the soil prepared, rows laid off and before this last cold snap he did get the potatoes and onions in. As soon as the soil warms he will start getting the corn then add the summer squash a bit later. I am looking forward to fresh veggies soon.

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RE:Spring Planting

Good for him on being productive; I have not hardly done a thing. Ive been slowly harvesting my meager collards & cabbage crop. Ill hopefully get all that done in the coming week & start looking for veggies to plant. Its been a somewhat lazy late winter & theres no shortage of things to do. Now I have to get the list together & get started. Wish me luck! Now I need to find the tiller & start the dirt work.

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