When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

So let's continue the poll about the situations when, naked, we attract guys' eyes like a magnet. We know there are some, maybe not the same for everyone. Sometimes we become transparent, notably when we lay face down on a towel. Yet some other times we seem to have become the centre of the universe. So on a scale of 1 to 10, how urged are you to look at my body in the following situations?

(1 means "I wouldn't notice you if you bumped into me"; 10 means "I couldn't take my eyes off you if my presence on that beach or that club membership depended on it).

2. When I get out of the water

You can sun tan on your terrace, of course, but beaches are so much nicer.

There is something almost magical about beaches which makes you want to strip naked the moment you step on one. It may be the other naked bodies around - a question of social conformity, but also simply of aesthetics: I think people look so much better when naked than when they are strapped in swimsuits. All of them. And some, ladies in particular, look very good period. But the most important explanation must be the presence of the body of water and of the refreshment it can offer.

Let's face it, sun bathing with a swimsuit on is not horrible, but being naked in the water is so much better. And then, when you get out, being dry in seconds and not having to wear those wet pieces of fabric is the golden standard of bathing.

So after frolicking in the nice cool waves I feel like warming up in the sun again so it's time to go back to my towel and I step out of the water. Drrrring! Meerkats everywhere.

I don't know if it's some unconscious "Birth of Aphrodite" legend which has marked our culture or simply you guys like shiny, wet skin (really, why???) but I feel all eyes on my body. All of a sudden self-conscious and knowing that the harsh sun light over my head will make the shadow of my boobs hang all the way to the navel, I have a tendency to stop slouching and straighten out my body. I normally remain standing for a few minutes until I'm dry enough to sit -unless I feel that I attract too much attention.

Does the wet skin remind you of love making sweat? Is this reminiscent of times immemorial when our remote ancestors, looking more like reptiles than like mammals, came out of the water? The progressive unveiling of our body, which keeps your attention aroused until we are out? I may be wrong, but I feel like it's not the same me which got into the water. Ok, when getting in the water you could only see my back and I couldn't see your eyes, but now when getting out I have the impression that you are expecting something spectacular, like me being an octopus or a mermaid and I will gravely disappoint you when I'll reveal that I'm actually a banal female of your own species...

As said, I usually stand by my towel until I my skin is dry. I can still feel many eyes on my body - but nowhere near as many as when I got out of the water.

So how attractive is for you the scene of my getting out of the sea on a scale of 1 to 10?

3. When I take a shower in public

I like the feeling of salt on my skin but still, I do need to take at least a couple of showers during a half-day on the beach. And often showers are in very exposed places so I do occasionally feel like a fly under a microscope.

Moreover, if there is a line for the shower all guys who notice me let me pass before of them. Are all guys so nice and gentlemen? Then why doesn't this happen in the grocery store? Why do they seem to not mind the extra 3-4 min of waiting while watching me taking my shower? Is it because nudists are so much more polite than textiles or because they don't mind examining me with the 2-sec rules waived out while I thoroughly remove all 3S (sand, sweat and salt) from my skin?

And if the latter is true why? Is it the wet skin again or the various movements I make to reach all parts of my exposed skin? You know, all the raising my arms, turning around, reaching for the pesty sand between my toes... Or is it because my movements of caressing my skin to remove the 3S looks somewhat sensual?

So on a scale 1 to 10?

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

Thing is... right.... you'd be pretty irresistible in most situations, there's enhanced irresistibility when water is involved, I'm not sure why, glistening skin perhaps, the intimacy of the act perhaps, the manner in which the individual acts when water is involved... it's quite the perfect scene!


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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

Water has unique properties and has always been an excellent medium for cleansing our bodies and souls. Artists have painted maidens in water for centuries; there is something purifying about it. As a Pisces, I have always had a special relationship with water, perhaps something to do with living in amniotic fluid for nine months, perhaps not.
Most of us are waiting to see how tiny or transparent your swimsuit is. But on special occasions when you decide to swim in just your skin, it is way too irresistible not to inspect each beautiful detail as the water cascades over and around each particular part of you!

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

Oh if you are going to the beach water or coming out.
Yeah I am looking ! !

There is something special about the beach and then seeing a naked body going into the water brakes up the view.
Going in to the water is a sight to behold. The line of a womans body being vertical and the lines of the waves being horizontal. Wow its so beautiful ! One of my favorite mental pictures is when Marie and a girl friend were heading to the water at night. Both were naked and the waves coming in and the moon shining on them. Amazing !

Okay coming out of the water. Of course we look, skin wet and shiny ! The waves moving behind ! Its a beautiful picture ! Yes I will stare longer and tell Marie that oh thats pretty too see. The beach is a special place !

As for a pool, not as much of a long look.

But yes 10 plus

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

Oddly, I have lived in Alaska since 1979 and never once have I seen anyone get out of the water naked or even with a swimsuit on other than a wet suit or, more likely, a dry suit. And I have spent plenty of time on the beaches here. So in Alaska, all eyes would be on you, men, women and children! And, BTW, there just are not any open air public showers to wash the sand off, but there are occasionally hoses with which to wash the sand off your boots and waders so you do not get in the cars. If you know what razor clams are, those are what the people who come to the beaches here are after, but, if I can be crude for just a moment, they do look like pussy, so there is that, and, yes, you do have to wash the sand out of them. And they are delicious to eat.

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

This is another difficult one to say the least. Your initial scenario of getting out of the water and walking nude up the beach would probably be a *7 or 8* depending on my viewing angle, the sun reflection and whether or not my hat & shades would give me adequate defense against obvious *ogling* of your self. On the other hand, standing in line behind you for showering would be a much more difficult *9 or 10* as you would be standing in close proximity, moving about in a controlled rinsing of your body while I stood there hoping my eyes werent completely locked on your lovely wet self. I confess that it would be hard not to look intently. The 2 second rule would probably not be relevant but I might make a pitiful effort at it.

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

AlaskaJoe, I'm sure that Alaska is beautiful but probably does not produce a strong tentation for skinny-dipping. But I suspect that you can still shed it all off on the beach. As for the razor clams... I'll refrain to comment but I'm sure they are lovely and delicious but you would sometimes want more diversity on the beach ..

John, when waiting in line for a shower the 2-sec rule obviously doesn't apply. On the contrary, you will intensely stare at the person under the shower to make him understand that you want to take his place asap so he should hurry up. Although to be sincere when I'm the one under the shower with several guys staring at me I don't quite feel from their side that strong demand to hurry up... Maybe I'm not very empathic but when there is no woman in the waiting line I have a tendency to take my time and no guy ever seems to frown, show me his wristwatch or make unpleasant comments. Maybe that's because all nudist guy are gentlemen?

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RE:When guys find us irresistible - Part 2

Definitely a strong seven for emerging from the water and I think it's just the way the water falls across all those curves that does it. The fact that the shine of the water accentuates those very curves only enhances the effect until it inevitably runs away. The first few moments are definitely the best!

As for the shower, no nude beach I've even been to has them (far too remote from civilisation) and they are even scarce at textile beaches. Perhaps it's because I only ever use them to wash my feet (there's often a separate tap for that where such facilities are available) so I only have 'licence' to watch only the foot washers, not the body washers. I can't actually recall doing so. Perhaps because any females are already under my gaze? I'll score a 7 and be alert to future opportunities!

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