Reading of this year

Currently-Normal people by Sally Rooney
March- The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin
February - Project Hail Mary by Andy weir
January - Dune Messiah by frank Herbert

Hope to read at least one book a month. Tell me if you would like to hear my opinion on these. Yes all were read nude btw.

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RE:Reading of this year

I'd like to hear your opinion of all of these. That's an impressive list. I'm a slow reader (a bit of ADHD going on) so find it difficult to read at home. I take my Kindle too the gym and prop it up on the treadmill and read read while the miles just go by under my feet!

I need to post my list of current reads. Thanks for your contribution!

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RE:Reading of this year

"Normal People" by Sally Rooney captivates with its raw portrayal of human relationships, delving into the complexities of love and identity. Liu Cixin's "The Dark Forest" presents a mind-bending exploration of cosmic warfare and the fate of humanity, leaving readers pondering the vastness of the universe. "Project Hail Mary" by Andy Weir showcases Weir's trademark blend of scientific accuracy and thrilling storytelling, making it a must-read for fans of hard science fiction. "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert delves deeper into the intricate political and religious themes of the Dune universe, offering a thought-provoking continuation of the epic saga.

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