Nude spouses . . . what are you doing for your Sweetie today?

It's Saturday morning over here in the southeastern US; it's time to make coffee & tea to start the day. But, how are you pampering your other half as you begin the day's routines? My wonderful wife is sleeping in, getting some extra ZZZs while I prepare her morning tea. It's really no big deal but she wakes up and her tea cup is on the bedside table waiting. She says the aroma is one of the best parts. After dressing (yes, an outside trip), we're planning on heading to the local country diner for breakfast. You know the kind, it actually has a sign that says, "never trust a skinny cook" and decorations from the 60s. Good food fast with friendly staff. After that, we'll take the leisurely way home to take in the local sights, that means picturesque woods with maybe a deer or turkey for viewing if we get lucky. Back at the house, the real treat is in progress, new flooring. The wife has been wanting it for a while and installation is about 1/3rd complete. That also means the house is a wreck and we're stepping between all the moved furniture. Oh well. It's all good & the wife is happy. I hope the same for all of you.

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RE:Nude spouses . . . what are you doing for your Sweetie today?

Mine wakes up earlier than I do. She already has her tea. But I make the coffee.

We play cards on most Friday nights. The dogs even get to visit and play around the house. Fun to watch ! But Marie had to much salt in the dinner and her feet swelled up. We came home and she relaxed with her feet up and I went out to the hot tub. Its a swim spa so I have been learning different exercises to do against the water flow. Since I retired I have gained fifteen pounds and lost some muscles. But after I was sitting at the fire pit. Thinking about the next step on the patio build.

Went back in and she was ok and we just relaxed in front of the tv. Today not sure ? Yesterday was a busy day estate sales and breakfast with a small folk music band. Bad part was as we were getting out of the pickup a dust devil came through. That meant a trip to the car wash ! Lol

We could go to the Saturday market or more shopping. But then I am working on a new art project in my work shop. Antique crystals from a chandelier, into a lamp or light. Hmmm what to do ?

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