Trip Report

I just got home from my first trip to Avalon. I arrived Saturday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. Tent camped. There didn't seem to be many people around but those who were there were open and friendly. The place had a wonderful laid-back feel. Both swimming pools were sparkling clean and at a perfect temperature. I enjoyed the hiking trails. HIGHLY recommend. I will visit again without hesitation.

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RE:Trip Report

Girl Friend and I also Just spent a couple of days at Avalon. Arrived Friday night (6/8) and departed Sunday morning (6/9). We loved it. It was our first experience at visiting a nudist resort and we felt very comfortable. As soon as we parked our truck in the Camping area, we stripped and set up our tent in the nude. Had a great time at the Friday evening Karaoke. Loved the people and the environment. We do plan to return.

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