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My wife's first social nude experience was decades after we'd adopted the nudist lifestyle for ourselves and our girls. After 20 years as home and backyard nudists, I needed to stretch my nudist wings and wanted us to visit clubs, resorts ... or a beach. After some preliminary scouting of our closest nude beach, I convince Di to go with me. Remain clothed (t shirt/shorts/flip flops) the entire time if she wanted. At any time, if she felt uncomfortable or wanted to leave, just tell me and we'll leave. At least she'd given it a try.
We arrived and she stopped cold, momentarily,on the final leg of the trail once she saw over 200 naked bodies on the beach. I stopped and said ... " don't want to do it?" She said ... " just give me a little nudge." I did, told her it would be fine and we'd sit by ourselves so she could observe. We found a spot, set up our chairs and blanket, cooler and I stripped. She was a little shocked that I was so willing to do so, so quickly. I had visited several times before, alone, and she instantly remembered and said ... "oh yeah, you've done this already."
We sat for about 10 mins and I said that I was going to go down to the water and dip my feet in. I stood out there looking back at her and wondered if when I returned to our chairs, if I'd be packing all that stuff back up the hill in short order. I walked back up there and what she needed was for me to leave her alone for a few minutes so she could observe on her own without me looking for her reaction to what was going on, on the beach. I sat down, she got up and I thought ... "this is it, we're going home." Standing there she said ... "this is dumb," and she took off her top and slip down her shorts and was instantly naked! She sat back down and said ... "I was the only one on this beach with clothes on. That made me feel more uncomfortable than being naked."
That was a shorter day than I would have liked but what she said to me was what I needed and wanted to hear ... "we'll come back soon, I promise." We did and the rest is history. I'm very fortunate to have a willing, participating partner and I never take her for granted.

I think one thing worked for me and it seems to have worked for others is that, nudism starts at home. My wife and many other wives, girlfriends, significant others get comfortable with nudity on a regular basis at home and maybe even outside on their property, before going social and going to a beach or club/resort. I just kept putting it out there and luckily my wife was willing to say ... "no yet but someday." She finally made the decision and said ... "ok, I'm ready to try the beach." Her decision, her timeframe.

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RE: First social nudism experience

Haha FP and RD...well we are already talking about returning to St
Martin next who knows...maybe we can synchronize?! :)
Two days into the trip I was playing volleyball in thepool nude and she was in the nearby hot tub talking with some ofthe people we had met. She got up and left, I thought she wasjust going to the restroom. Instead, she went to the room andlost the swimsuit and walked back to the pool area nude. Thatwas the last we saw of the suit.

Granted; that's not going to work for everyone, particularly if there's no prior history of nudism at home or elsewhere. But the right nudge from the "right" people can go a long ways. The unanticipated conversation withneighboring nudists played a huge part in my GF just "going for it." For my ex, it was an unexpected conversation with the resort manager that caused her to toss her clothes and embrace continuing the conversation nude. I was at a get-together once with a very dressed and very reluctant wife in attendance; my ex - experienced nudist at that point - approached and befriended her, ultimately causing a change of heart and a desire to partake in social nudity.

  1. I think what happens for a lot of open-minded but reluctant first-timers is that they enter a social nudity situation with apprehensions of being judged or objectified. Sometimes it's also "I really can't look at naked people." Then they see how comfortable the other person/people are with their nudity; and how non-judgmentalthey are in their interaction with them. A rapport is created; that goes beyond the current mode of dress/undress. Then a thought occurs: "If that person canhave a genuine interaction with me completely nude...why can'tI?"
  2. That thought is whatmade my GF decide to not put her bikini bottom back on after swimming. That thought is what made my ex decide to just toss all her clothes in the backseat and walk back nude into the main office. That thought is what caused that very reluctant lady to spend the rest of the day nude hanging out with my ex.

  • That being said, the wrong word at the wrong time can cause a backlash. Sometimes a "nudge" can come across as an admonition to "just get naked." I've heard of upset wives demanding to leave immediately because of this. As I said, you've got to come across the right people; and that can be a crapshoot.

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RE: First social nudism experience

My girlfriend's first social nudist experience was when I took her to a nudist bed & breakfast a year-and-a-half ago. We had a lovely time, very calm, relaxing, mildly romantic, and definitely the break we both had needed. She was a bit nervous at first, but within 10 minutes or so she was naked and enjoying herself. We had such a great time that we want to go back again!

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