Come on dont be shy

There are a fair number of people believe full naked body massages are only there for sexual gratification,,,,that is not always the case.
Massages can be very theraputic and invigorating,,as well as sexualy satifiying.
I have been conducting both kinds of massages for over 30 year,,and i can assure each and every onre,every one of my clients over that period of time left truely satisfied.
I am prepared to hold an open session with anyone who wants to learn how to massage,,or wishes to experience one of mine,,,,,,,there will be no cost either way for which ever one chooses..
Male and Female are welcome ,,couples also......

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RE: Come on dont be shy

hi am not shy love to get to meet any one in the group if any one like to chat or had me as friends plz do not try to give a massage or have one but give it a go

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