Why are there so many male nudists?

I was debating whether to post this on the male or female site, as it's as much of a question why there are much less female nudists as why there are so many male nudists. I decided to post it here because I suspect on the male forum, I would get a politically correct answer, so I thought I would solicit the female perspective?
Why are the vast majority of people on this site males? What drives males to be more liberal with their nudity, given that society frowns upon male nudity much more than female nudity? Surely it is something deeper than men want to show off their assets?
This question has been bugging me since I joined the site so I thought I would ask members.

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RE: Why are there so many male nudists?

A combination of many things, some more relevant in the past, some more so now. In no particular order, and offered for comment:
1. Women's body shame: evil. From the Adam and Eve story on, women's bodies have been seen as something tempting, magical, and needing control.
2. Women's body shame: imperfection. Images of beautiful women, in art and advertising, set a standard a real body can seldom meet. This has begun happening to men only in the past few decades, and still affects women much more strongly.
3. Safety. If a woman is harrassed or worse, bad enough, and if she "must have done something" to bring it on, she gets not even moral support in most quarters. And women are vastly more likely to be harrassed and assaulted than men.
4. Men's visual sexuality: Nudity matters more to men; even genuinely nonsexual nudity creates a bit of libidinal buzz for guys that it just doesn't, for women.
5. Internet unreality / voyeurism: When men's geniunely nonsexual nudity isn't so nonsexual, after all.
6. Male shared experience: Within the lifetimes of older nudists, men were encouraged, even required, to share collective nudity in sport and the military.
7. Women "giving it away": A revealing of the female body can be used as a bargaining chip, and when offered unrestrictedly, can be attacked, by women, as what is essentially unfair competition. And nudity, once familiar, ceases to be sexy, and that can be experienced as a loss.
8. Menstruation: Starting at the same time other body-shame issues begin to arise, and generally managed with covering up, complicates female nudity.
9. The gender-imbalance death spiral: An open nudist community will tend to start with more men, for the reasons above; most of those people will be hetersexual, and the artihmetic (let alone numbers 3, 4, and 5 above) dictates that the women will be under a certain degree of pressure, which many will find unwelcome. This reduces the number of women, which in turn exacerbates the problem.

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RE: Why are there so many male nudists?

The resort that I go to that is family oriented, the male to female is about 50/50.

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RE: Why are there so many male nudists?

You are 55 single and a naturist. you are in the perfect position to answer your own question.

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