Naked From The Waist Down

I guess that most of us, like me, prefer to be totally naked for most of the time, without a stitch of clothing covering our bodies. But, especially in the winter time, sometimes it can be warmer to put on a t shirt or vest to keep the body's core warm. When I do this I still like the feeling of being naked from the waist down, so at least part of me is still free, exposed, and the way nature...

whats your favourite ?

I'm a big "bottomless" fan and spend most of my time at home in just a t-shirt, vest or sometimes a football shirt.I even go shopping for new tops and always look to see which are the shortest and will make sure my penis and butt are on...

I am new TN

Hello I am new here and just wanted to say hello. Greeting from Prague. Jan

europe trip july 2016

hi guys,i will go to europe this july, will be great to meet some nudist friends!milan - 4 to 8 of julylondon - 8 to 11 and 13 to 18 julyparis - 11 to 13 julylets get naked!drop me a message and lets do it!

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Are you coming or planning to visiting...

Are you looking for a place where you can be nude all the time and share a homely life with others? You have found the right place. Exterior, bright and airy, relaxing and clean flat just in one of the best areas in Madrid centre. Ideal for...

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Melbourne Australia

Hi guys..anyone else from Melbourne here? LOVE going bottomless..even suit jacket, shirt and tie, shoes and socks and nothing else, or sneakers and socks and polo shirt! it feels and looks fantastic. If there are any other guys from Melbourne here,...

New here.

Hello nudies, new here and just wanted to say hello and give you all a little unsite into me.I live alone and often get out of bed in just a vest or sleep top. I stay that way all day, love the feeling of having my private parts underlined by me in...

Host available in Belgrade, Serbia during...

Host available in Belgrade, Serbia during April. PM with couchsurfing ID, cell phone for quicker contact

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Discretion... question

A fair number of times when at home, I've gone bottomless but worn a shirt because, since we have no drapes on the 1st floor of our house and have nearby neighbours, if I have a top on, neighbours can't see below the windowsill to know that...

Ladies bottomless...

When I joined this group, I initially expected there would be no ladies (or couples for that matter) who would be members. In scanning the membership roster, I see that there are a few females and couples - but I've seen no threads initiated by...

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Just wondering

As nudists...we all have to wear something on occasion. With spring upon us, I have decided to adapt my dressed days the absolute minimum. With a few exceptions, I intend to only wear an over sized t-shirt. Found some at a local Academy that...

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