Naked From The Waist Down

I guess that most of us, like me, prefer to be totally naked for most of the time, without a stitch of clothing covering our bodies. But, especially in the winter time, sometimes it can be warmer to put on a t shirt or vest to keep the body's core warm. When I do this I still like the feeling of being naked from the waist down, so at least part of me is still free, exposed, and the way nature...

Dressed Down From The Waist Down

Working from home has become the perfect opportunity to dress down from the waist down. Digital meetings are even more exciting when you're there looking at coworkers while they look at you, not having a clue that you're butt naked from the...

Walking the dog

My next door neighbour is out side in her long t-shirt at 6 a.m. walking her dog, guess she doesnt know we are up then and see that she in not wearing underwear under that shirt that is barely covering up her bottom 1/2

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Naked from the Waist Down

I am glad to be a member of your group. This is to thank you for accepting me. I like to hang nude with others. You will find me interested in meeting other men who like to be nude from the waist down. I am in the Beaver Falls PA area. H MU I look...

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New Here

I am very new to the site and would welcome getting to know some of you. Since I love to hang nude, I would welcome finding nudists near Beaver Falls, PA who just want to get together and hang nude. Please reach out to me and lets see if we can work...

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Shirt On

I read some of your messages, when it comes to Scars, people stare and we feel self conscious. When it comes to driving, I agree the seatbelt rubs and it hurts. When it is cold a shirt or sweater makes us feel warm even with no pants or underwear. I...

Healthy skin

Here in Queensland Australia we have the dubious honour of being the skin cancer capital of the world so even kids wear a top while swimming. Even though I prefer no clothes I often do wear a shirt while outside and I rather like it inside too when...


I had a recent open heart surgery. I now have scars on my chest from surgery. So, if I am always "Daffy Duck"-ing it. I tend to wear a shirt because people stare. Any body else deal with this?

Way of getting naked but not annoying bf

Hi, my bf doesnt like me being naked at home unless Im bed. In the mornings now though when I get up I just put on a t shirt - not so much moaning and at least Im getting some freedom!

Insulin pump

Going bottomless-only is a good solution for me. I wear and insulin pump (about the size of an old pagerremember those?) and there is really no place to put it when Im completely bare. So a t-shirt is great because it allows me to attach the pump...

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MADRID Centre - Nudist accommodation

Are you looking for a place where you can be nude all the time and share a homely life with others? You have found the right place. Exterior, bright and airy flat just in one of the best areas in Madrid centre. Ideal for discovering by walk all the...