Naked From The Waist Down

I guess that most of us, like me, prefer to be totally naked for most of the time, without a stitch of clothing covering our bodies. But, especially in the winter time, sometimes it can be warmer to put on a t shirt or vest to keep the body's core warm. When I do this I still like the feeling of being naked from the waist down, so at least part of me is still free, exposed, and the way nature...

Going bottomless & low back pain

While this may not be necessarily nudism, it can be beneficial. I had low back pain due to lifting injuries. Belts were excrutiatingly pain along with tight pants. So, I went to bigger waistline pants and suspenders. Nagging radiating pain to my leg...

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Always Nude from the Waist Down for...

I'm always naked from the waist down for video conferencing--working basically naked! As long as the boys are out and "breathing"--I'm naked! :-) And my co-workers never know it!

I love videochatting nude from the waist...

Much ppl when i go to the main chat tells me that i should not be dressed on camera, but the true is that im nude from the waist down, my jewels are out breathing, and i really feel it good.

i'm going to be naked from the waist...

i'm going to try to make a hamburger, so in order to prevent myself from getting burned on the stomach or penis, i'm gonna wear my pajama shirt.

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hey it is starting to cool down fast in wv

so have started wearing a shirt in my apt , but that is all, my bottom don't seem to get cold

On my allotment wearing just a shirt

I enjoy growing things on my allotment garden but wish i could do it totally nude, the allotments are quite open and next to a public footpath so nudity is out of the question even if i'm the only one there, however i have a small compromise to...

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jst silk top

just wear silk shirt,feels great on my skin and it lets me bottom and front feel breezend and interested guy who wants me

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Top Cover

Sometimes just a nice Irish sweater or a Welsh cardiganto keep your core warm.


ok way to hot here so i'm have banned theshirt and staying completly nude how about you ?