Nude Housework

For anyone who does the housework in the nude.

Hoovering in the nude

This is the first time i have wrote. About what i am doing or done. I went into my kitchen, in the nude, where i keep the hoover.. Went back into the room,. Start hoovering the carpet in th nude. It is more comfortable, cleaning in the nude, than in...

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taking out garbage nude

i always clean the house in the nude, i strip the beds and start them in the washer and than dust and vacuum, than i work on the kitchen and gather up all the garbage from the trash can since the garbage truck cmes the next day and put them at the...

the doorbell rings

your busy cleaning, dusting, etc. nude of course - why get your clothes dirty or sweaty and the doorbell rings, do you get dressed, coverup or answer it nude and if so how far do you go to expose or not expose ?

Hilfe im Haushalt gesucht

Gemeinsam nackt die Wohnung in Ordnung halten. Waere das etwas fuer Dich? Dann melde Dich bitte.

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Cleaning windows

I got fed up of the streaks on my windows and set about cleaning them, inside and out, fully naked. I have a couple of big bay windows and a lot of big picture windows facing the front of my house. It took some time to get them sparkling. I managed...


I was working on a house and decided to change into painting clothes and my mother in law walked in on me completely naked. She immediately turned her head, apologized and left the room.


It was a lovely day today, very warm. So I simple did my ironing outdoors in the garden. I always do the ironing naked. This time I could iron and sunbathe at the same time.

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by gabare 
Ants in my pants

I don't have that problem as I'm not wearing pants. I had an invasion of ants crawling out from under the skirting in my kitchen. Every so oftenI could feel one crawling up my leg and could deal with the blighter immediately. There then...

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Want a job?

I read in H&E about a firm of naturist cleaners. They will clean your house naked while you are naked or dressed. AND you can apply for a job there.

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