Full Frontal Men (Gay-Straight-Bi)

Exclusively for Full Frontal Nudists. 1530 active members who submitted 600 full frontal photos so far! (Single, Married, Divorced, Widower) who are not shy/afraid to be judged by other fellow men nudist and show themselves to the world. . It's time to be ourselves and meet/know likeminded guys. I have being running 2 successful groups here that have more than 2,000 members each. Check them...

Smooth or natural?

Personally, I enjoy the look of both, but from a random survey of a nude beach or nudist resort, it appears that most of the guys are going smooth. The absence of pubic hair, however, does allow all interior contours to be visible. I went smooth all...

Smooth cock xxx

Hi Adelaide here luv to join a nice couple or smooth gay or bi guy for nudist tantric massage nude photography Im tall fit bisexual smooth fun xxx

Nudist Telegram?

Fancy joining a nudist telegram group? Nude hang out. For peace of mind, No under 21s Rules: 1. A safe place to be nude and make friends. 2. Erections happen its natural. But keep them out of the group. 3. Dont be weird. INACTIVE for 21 days -...

New here

Thanks for the acceptance. While technically straight.... the pics here show some mighty fine looking gentlemen. Thanks for sharing.


While I am straight, I have always found a penis fascinating, and I don't mean just my own, I think I would classify myself as Bi-curious. so, I think this be a good group to be able to discuss things with other men. Sandy.

A big thank you

Thank you for accepting me into this group. Ive really enjoyed looking at the photos this evening. Ive liked loads and put on some comments too. But there are just too many to comment on all of them so Im just saying thank you to you all for...

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Hi from friend of full frontal men

I like being naked in front of all bi straight or gay men my age and would love to Skype fa205f9e89a or 64226298276. Richard

Straight Smooth

Hey fellow straight dudes. Lets cam and show off our smooth penises. Not sexual to sit erect hands free and show off what we have. My Skype is live:.cid.14f2daeaabebf206

Just saying hello

Hi all - just wanted to say hello. I guess we all feel the same way - hate the fakers and those just lurking. If you happen to look at my profile, you'll see that I'm more than happy to be seen full frontal. If there are anything you think...

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Hello all nude !

Hello all I like being naked in front of all bi straight or gay men and would love to Skype ... My Skype is Ole Svendsen55 and are on Wheerby too.... = https://whereby.com/ole8


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