Full Frontal Men (Gay-Straight-Bi)

1070 Active members who submitted 305 full frontal photos so far! Aren't we all fed up with fake people we meet here? Only full frontal men (Single, Married, Divorced, Widower) who are not shy/afraid to be judged by other fellow men nudist and show themselves to the world. . It's time to be ourselves and meet/know likeminded guys. I have being running 2 successful groups here that have...

Photography available for nudist Bros

Howdy yall if anyone is interested in having some photographs made of you, I like to do it for fun. I primarily like to shoot outdoors you can look at mine and see what my style is . If anyone is Interested let me know. Its not for $, its just for...

group profile photo (camping image)

Whoever that is in the group profile photo (camping image) looks great, very nice and sensual full frontal nude photo.

Ring My Door Bell

If you want full frontal male nudity, just ring my doorbell -- happy to oblige.

Hi to all

Easter hugs to everyone

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Professional photographer nightmare

A New Orleans professional photographer guy named Larry Graham. First did a standard shoot. Returned for some tasteful not very explicit nudes. When I came into the shooting area he groped my genitals. should have left immediately. Photo shoot over...

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Hello from Arkansas USA

I'm new to this group. I'm all about male frontal nudity. We are beautiful too.

Oregon or Vermont

Taking all things into consideration, (legality of nudity, political climate, social acceptability of nudity, weather, seasons, cost of living, etc.), which is the better place to live, Oregon or Vermont? In either case, we're talking well out...

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Hello from Michigan .

I've been interested in nudity since October of 2013 . That first time allowing myself to be seen fully naked by someone I didn't know while at the beach along Lake Michigan , was special . That was also the first time I openly walked about...

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hello from Prague.

hello from Prague. My name is Susan. I am 21 years old. I'm looking for a nice lady or couple with whom I could still be naked. I really love nudity and exhibitionism. well thank you

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