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IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP, YOU NEED A DETAILED PROFILE AND SOME PICTURES , NAKED PICS ARE A PLUS. If you keep a private profile, email me. I need to be able to see your profile. Sorry, too many weirdos out there.I will keep this group going. I do enjoy being outdoors! I dont get to be naked as much as I would like. But we are all here bc of one commonality, we like to be naked. I very much...

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Just wanted to share some pics of me out hiking. Well kind of :) I am relaxing on a bench enjoying the sunrise. But I am still out hiking and hope to continue this streak (no pun intended) until it gets cold out. Which I dont want to even think about lol. Hows the hiking going?

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RE:More nude hiking

Greeting A Gorgeous SunRise each Day, Nude as the Day We were Born, is a good way to Stay Young ( at heart ) & Healthy. When I encounter folks on Naked Hikes or Doing Naked Yoga out in the Woods, it is remarkable how some folks seem to think it is very Appropriate ( if too daring for some ) to be Nude in Nature & no more surprising or alarming to some than running into a Wild Critter ... Deer or Fox or rare Bird ( which usually always NAKED as well ) .

Getting to My Naked Hiking & Yoga spot in the woods does require wearing street clothes to get through traffic & parking lots since I bike.

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RE:More nude hiking

I go nude hiking near Batsto I wear clothes in, Then strip

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RE:More nude hiking

Thanks for all the support everyone! Nothing but love.


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