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IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP, YOU NEED A DETAILED PROFILE AND SOME PICTURES , NAKED PICS ARE A PLUS. If you keep a private profile, email me. I need to be able to see your profile. Sorry, too many weirdos out there.I will keep this group going. I do enjoy being outdoors! I dont get to be naked as much as I would like. But we are all here bc of one commonality, we like to be naked. I very much...

Summer in the Antipodes

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Hello friends and a belated happy, prosperous and plague free 23 to you all.
Its now heading for high summer in Australia and a lot of our friends North of the Equator head our way to escape the cold, and who can blame them.
Sadly though, their holidays become very painful from various up close and personal encounters with our wild life, some are even fatal.
Now we all know that to much sun is not good for you just as not enough is also not very healthy, but in this part of the world our summer sun is brutal, even for people who tan easily. Our A&E Hospital units deal with sun burn, sun and heat stroke almost every day regardless of all the warnings, which are updated on a daily basis, we love to see our far Northern neighbours during our summer but please use a good quality sunscreen when you are out and about, even on overcast and days where theres a light breeze to take the sting out of the sun, those days are the most dangerous for UV burn.
A lot is said and feared about our wildlife, and most of it is based on fact ! Our crocodile population in the Northern States is thriving and that can, in part, be attributed to their diet of tourists each year, please observe warning signs and if youre not sure then keep out of rivers, streams, billabongs and isolated beaches, because as sure as youre reading this therell be a resident croc just waiting for you to become lunch.
Now that Ive scared the crap out of you, I shall leave you with one more piece of advice, spiders, snakes, sharks, jellyfish, blue ringed octopus and certain types of other creature encounters can and will do you great harm unless you show some respect and common sense, they are as much a part of this ancient land as the First Nations that settled it. If youre not sure, ask a local and heed there advice.
We love to see our visitors enjoy themselves and we want you to come back, Stay nude stay safe.


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