Always Want To Be Nude

"MUST BE CERTIFIED!" Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos W/ face This group is for those who shed their clothes completely whenever and wherever possible and if the situation permits they remain or would remain nude continuously throughout for life.

Hello from the Netherlands, near Amsterdam

I like to be nude as much as possible ! When i come home the first thing i do is strip off and get naked. Only when it's is cold i will put something on .

Nude in Northamptonshire

Hi, I pretty much live naked all the time when warm enough. I go for regular naked rambles both solo and in groups Tony

When You Can't Be Nude

... Do you wear as little as possible? No shirt for men and halter top for women? Short shorts? Minimal swimwear? No underwear?

Kolkata Nudist Meet - 23-24 March 2019

Hello everyone, I am organizing a nudist meet up on 23/24 th March, 2019 in Kolkata. One of my Croatian nudist friend will join. He is coming from Croatia to meet me personally and have some nudist time. Location will be shared later. If you are...

Thank you!

I want to thank you for allowing me to join the group. My name is John. I live in the western part of Pennsylvania and am 62 year olds. Again Thank you.

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Imagine law reversal

Not that I'd want or agree with things going to the other extreme from where they are now (as I f they ever would) but I was reading some of the posts here on TN and got to thinking. What if the laws were reversed such that you got in trouble...

Living nude on an island

I found this really interesting VICE interview of a 78 year old Japanese man named Masafumi Nagasaki. For 20 years, Nagasaki has lived alone on Sotobanari Island, a deserted island off the southern tip of Okinawa. He lives off the land for his food...

Brussels Belgium

Hello; I have a language course for 3 months at Brussels. I am at Brussels now. searching new friends, hosts and job. If you know any TN and contacts i will so happy. Instagram: #naked_guest Thanks Warm regards

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4 days nude 24/7

I am off for 4 days and I will be nude 24/7 no matter what. I am going to call some friends to come over tomorrow for a few beers and hopefully some new photos. I hope the girls are ready to hang with a nude guy.

Naked as often

I can truly say after work I am stripping down for the ride home. I dont know how I make it but I do . I often dream of o e day going nude from sun up to sun set. Awaiting my moment.