Always Want To Be Nude

"MUST BE CERTIFIED!" Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos W/ face This group is for those who shed their clothes completely whenever and wherever possible and if the situation permits they remain or would remain nude continuously throughout for life.

Marching in a parade nude

I recently marched with my university marching band in a citywide festival parade (I'm in the color guard) and it was a blast. In the back of my mind I was thinking about how cool it would be to march in a parade totally nude, maybe at a pride...

Place to spend a Nude Weekend

I was wondering if there is any place at all, in India, where one could spend a tension free nude week end? I miss enjoying nature outdoors in the nude. :/

Any couples from abroad wish to enjoy...

I wish to be guide to tourists travelling to INDIA, SINCE i'm a tour planner

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Naked by the Door

Today I had a customer coming early morning for a brakes check. I made sure the front was free so he could drive his car immediately inside the garage. When I heard the engine of the car from inside, I went to check for people in the area through...

Hello to all

An affectionate greeting to all the members of the group. I'm Andrea, 54, from Italy, separated. I'm not looking for adventures or the like, but only friendship. I'm looking for friends, preferably Italian or who speak Italian, in every...

nude Pot Luck Buck

November 19. 7-10pm Pot Luck Buck Discounted tickets online Or full price cash at the door. Come enjoy good nude company With sweets, treats (that being...


am a full time nudist at Avalon, July 17 th , till now and not planning on leaving soon, longest stretch nude 12 days so far, I mean get up nude, go outside nude, do any work I did to do nude, go to bed nude, I mean 24/7 nude , come join me anytime...

nude networking in new york

Meet new people who share your nude interests. "Speed Dating" games will be played to break the ice.Mens only social nudism group. Get your tickets here!$ online 20$ at the door

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nude party in NYC

Hey, Anyone in New York City nude events every month! nude dance party, next Saturday 20 Aug 7-9pm come learn some moves or bring your own. Free drinks and clothes check. Hope to see you there :)...

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hello from Italy

Hello everyone, I am a new member from Italy . Delighted to be part of the group and looking for friendships (best female ) . I have neurofibromatosis that penalizes me aesthetically but it inspires me to sare naked to show me how I am and to feel...