Animation Enthusiasts

If you love animation this is a group for you! From hand drawn animation to CGI fans of cartoon shorts, shows, and films are encouraged to join :-)

Bob's Burgers

This is one of my favorite shows. Any fans?

any anime fans?

Hey all, I've been a fan of animation for as long as I can remember. Japanese and Korean animation are my current favorites. One series I like is Monogatari Series. One of the characters is very much a nudist/exhibitionist and I love the way...

Donald Duck Full Frontal

there's a Disney Comics thread about Disney duck characters appearing nude in children's comics, tv shows, merchandise, ect.:

Best Modern Cartoons

It Got to be "The Simpsons" or"Family Guy". What is Yours? John

Who's your favorite nude cartoon...

I love the fact that for years Homer Simpson is often seen casually nude and that's why he's my favorite nude cartoon character. Who is your favorite nude cartoon character or which cartoon character do you think should be nude?

Lesser Known Cartoons

I was watching Swat Kats the other day and it occured to me that not alot of people know about that particular series but I think its great! What are some lesser known cartoons that you love but seem to have fallen out of the spotlight?



Latest Post
Animation Domination on Fox!

The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad all make up the awesome lineup for Sunday nights on fox. Each show has had instances where the male lead tends to get nude on screen so I was wondering who you'd hang out nude with,...

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Do you remember what cartoons you would wait all week to watch as a kid on Saturday mornings?


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