Armpit Appreciation

Group for admirers of the natural hairy mans armpit or guys who have hairy armpits looking admired ????

hairy arm pits

I love hairy armpits, gets me off to bury my face in them. can be sweaty, but clean sweat


Skype group for hairy nudists! Full bush, and body hair appreciation! group link:

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Do you know there are ways to increase the...

Im curious anyone know if there are methods to increase the amount and thickness of armpit hair? Definitely love to have a big patch of hair in my armpit, just like my hairy bush!!!

Love them

A guy with lots of hair is a turn on. The hairy the better.

When Irish armpits are smelly

Hey guys, Nothing nicer than lying naked next to a guy and burying your nose and tongue deep into their manly pits. Inhaling that powerful musk of pure testosterone drives me wild everytime. Who'd like to bury their face in mine?